News, Madness, and Wanting a DCUO Buddy Key

Hey guys, its me again (no, really? I have a blog and I am posting?!). Just figured I would give you all an update on how things are going, whats been going on, and all that sort of thing. Firstly, I have not been wargaming much. I know, MADNESS. Well in truth I just have not had the gumption to go do it. Everyone up at Phoenix has been playing HeroClix and 40k/Fantasy, and while I was originally interested in 40k, I got the shipment of stuff literally 8 weeks after I ordered it. I ended up selling the stuff because I needed the cash for a ever so fun $4000 total car repair. I have even considered selling off the Khador to help pay for this mess (but I am seriously hesitant to do so).

So yea, over the last couple of weeks I have had to deal with the massive costs of a car repair, work stress as usual, getting super sick (right before the car issues actually HAHA Universe hates me), and the lack of people to play against.

My friend Dan also lost his job recently, and so he doesn’t have the time to Wargame either (nor is he really interested). I just…cant bring myself to drive a half hour to a game store to play when there is really no one to play against. I dont want to keep spending money on HeroClix either as its much like Magic the Gathering or other CCGs. Its a fine game honestly, and I enjoy it, but its a money sink. I might try to ebay the stuff I have actually (the Hulk I have alone is about $30, so I can make a decent amount possibly off my Clix).

In other news: I posted some more of my Legend of Mana playthrough (4 whole episodes now whoo hoo) and I found and am reposting my original Companions of Xanth playthrough. I am also playing ALOT more video games, mostly single player. I guess you can say I have retreated from the world as I just have no interest in dealing with most people. My work is starting to make my anti social I fear…

The RIFT Headstart begins this Thursday, and while I spent $50 to preorder the game and I enjoy it I really don’t want to play it. I want to play a Superhero MMO. I have access to Champions Online (which is now Free to Play) but my issue there stems both from the visuals (way to freakin bright!) and the Gameplay which gets very repeatative very fast. I started to watch a few videos of DC Universe Online, which originally did not interest me (I have always been more of a Marvel guy) but after getting a few more looks at it I would at least like to try it. Anyone out there playing who has a Buddy Key they could give me? Just email be at bluedragonlord23 AT gmail DOT com if you do.

I realize that this is possibly a depressing post. But thats life. We have our ups and our downs if you think about it. The fact that my year began with all these issues makes me hope that the rest of the year is pretty chill, but I doubt it.

Oh, and I started messing around on a site called “Listal”. Its pretty cool!

You can find me there at this address:

Here is hoping I can give out some good news in the coming weeks, but I doubt any of it will be wargame related :P


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