“Press Start to Join”

On my Twitter Account I have been having a discussion with 2 folks, GingerKid and LOLM4RX about what I should name my upcoming review site, that will be hosted over at Blogger.

One of the suggestions, and one I really like was “Press Start to Join”. While it is also the name of a blog here on WordPress. But the domain name was still available…until now.

I am now the owner of www.pressstarttojoin.com and my new review site will be there!

Thanks LOL4MRX and GingerKid for the help.


Help me name my new Review Site!

The only thing I am honestly good at is playing games. Seriously. If you think about it, different people have different talents, and the one that I have (and my wife agrees) is being able to play games for long periods of time, and to understand them well. My wife is an artist, my roomate a writer, my best friend Dan a Graphic Designer/Artist. I am just a gamer. Thats what I am.

Maybe its my creative mind? Who knows. I am an idea guy first and foremost, as well as a lover of books. I love to read, and I love to play games with a good story. Put something in front of me with a good story and I am going to be engrossed.

So, I decided that I am going to take this one talent, this passion of mine, and do something with it.

I am going to create a review site. I know what you are thinking. “But Clay, there are a million review sites out there!” Thats true. But the thing here is this: Its not ME reviewing em. When you go looking for reviews of games, movies, books, ect, you read more then one. You read differeing viewpoints, you hunt down various in depth discussions.

Thats what I intend to bring. To start, I am going to focus on Video Games (both new and old) and also intersperse that with Books and TV/Movies. This site here is really my personal one, with things like, well, this interspersed with Tabletop gaming stuff. I am going to keep this here for my own personal ramblings.

But the meat of my content will be on this new site.

My only issue? A NAME! I suck at naming things, honestly.

So I want you all to help me pick a name.

Simply put, this poll will be active until I complete Persona 4 (about a week away from that). Once its over, I will choose based on the poll, then create the new site and link it everywhere.

Persona 4 is going to be my first review you see (since its what I am playing right now)

If you want to add your own reviews to the site please let me know, I would love to have a few other people reviewing things along with me, even if they are the same games (different views and all that!) Maybe we can build something to rival places like Blistered Thumbs, the Angry Joe Show, and GameSpot. Although I doubt we will topple such giants, I can at least offer a differing opinion!

If you are interested in helping just let me know. You will need a Blogger account in order to be a true contributor, but if you want to just review things now and again you can always just send em to me. I will only want in depth stuff though. Nothing like “this game is cool!!!111 you should buy it kk.” Just comment here and we will talk :) I am going to host on Blogger instead of WordPress simply because I can use Adspace on Blogger and you cannot do that here >.>