Guess what?

I am planning on playing Mercs in Warmachine! What you say?! YOU JUST SOLD YOUR KHADOR! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!?

I can hear it. I can also hear Kurt, James, and Owen from laughing at me and calling me a Warmonger for life. But that is besides the point.

You see I sold my Khador because, quite frankly, I was bored with em. I was not playing them and I could have used the cash for other things. So I got rid of em. My interest in Warmachine had no waned in fact, but I simply had no challenge with the Khador (save for Matt and his Legion). There were no more hills to climb as it were.

So, I got rid of em.

I still have the itch to play Warmachine though. The itch though is more about playing a challenging game. Something that makes me work for a win rather then “Buff something, charge, WIN” that Khador has a normal playstyle (seriously, thats usually how it works for me). Mercenaries, being considered “less powerful” then other factions have an inherent challenge in them. Furthermore, you gotta pick a contract or tier to build your force by, and you have a huge selection of troops that generally HAVE to be supported by solos and the Warcaster to be worth anything.

That challenge and their fluff drew me to them.

Right now I am focusing on planning, testing, and then building a 15 point Mangled Metal list. For now thats going to be pMagnus:

Magnus the Traitor

Going to be testing this against my usual friend Dan and his Circle. Should be interesting.