I always come back here, dont I?

You know, all my blogs, all my websites, all my social sites, the one I always come back to, the one I always end up writing on or updating…is this one. Right here.

I guess it just feels like home. Like my own personal space on the web.

As if you guys didn’t notice (and I know people read this thing, I CAN TRACK YOU BWHAHAHA…ahem) I have started a “journal” of sorts for my adventures in Diablo 2. I love that game, its what got me hooked on the Action RPG Genre really, and that genre is one of the few that I can play for hours at a time.

Also, something I am working on: I am going to pick up an instrument.

Now don’t laugh when I tell you which one.


I know you are laughing. I can tell. STOP IT *cries*

Now I bet you are wondering why that particular instrument. Well, here is a bit of history. Back in Elementary school I took music like most kids. I found I had a knack for it, and ended up taking piano lessons for 2 years before leaving elementary school. When I hit Middle School I had to take Band and Choir, and ended up joining Band and learning to play the bass clarient. I was really good at it to, one of the few things I was good at (and I still remember how to play it to this day, and with my shitty ass memory thats saying something!)

In fact, the major talent I have exibited over the years has been a skill with music. I am good at it, I grasp it quickly, and I can hum melodies and things that I make up on a whim and they sound (at least when I hum em) pretty awesome. I also appreciate classical music.

I have tried over the past few years to teach myself rock based instruments (guitar, bass) but in the end they don’t hold my interest, mainly because I dont like how you have to play them.

But sometimes, I find myself pretending to hold the big ol bass clarient, hearing the deep resonant tones in my head.

And I want that.

But, sadly, Bass Clarients are over $1000 in price! YIKES! But I still want to play and create music using a woodwinds instrument (my favorite type!) Thats where the Recorder comes in. You see, its a woodwinds instrument that can do roughly 2 octaves (plus a half) of notes, and the different records have different ranges. Now, the tenor recorder would most likely be the one that would be closest to a bass clarinet (interestingly enough) but the Alto seems more my speed (both in size and price)

So thats where my goal is. To pick one up. Hell I can get a cheap one off amazon.com for $15

Here is the kicker though!

I am going to be doing this without actually spending my own money. How you may ask? By doing online surveys. I am actually a member of several survey sites that do rewards in gift card format. The one I need however I havent used in FOREVER so earning the 22,000 points needed to get a $20 amazon gift card is gonna be a bit of a pain. But hey, thats life right?

Also, I have been doing Pathfinder via Play by Post lately. I play in 4 games, run 1, and am having a blast. If you want to play Table top RPGS and dont have time to really do it once a week look into Play by Post. Most games only want a single post a day from each player, and the sedate pace makes it perfect for working folk :D

Thats my life in a nutshell at the moment. Weeeeee

Oh and if you wanna donate to the “Get Clayton a Recorder” fund you can always just paypal me a couple bucks (its bluedragonlord23 AT gmail DOT com) :P HAHA not that I expect you guys to….but it was my Birthday back on the 13th ;) HAHA


Diablo 2 Adventures Day 3: Radamant aint so Adamant Now!

Dear Diary,

Well I got out of jail…but whomever decided that the jail was the only thing to connect the inner and outer monestary should be shot! I mean, really, why not have a nice simple hallway between the two! But noooo we gotta have this huge jail complex that connects the two areas. BAH! Anyway, after I got out, I found a town portal scroll and ran back to the camp to tell Deckard Cain the news. He informed me that I needed to go back into there and find a demon named Andarial and kill her. Well, demons are demons and need killing so I went back in, found her, and mauled her. Being a bear is fun.

After I found and killed her, Warriv was then willing to take me across the land to Lut Gohlain, where the Dark Wanderer had gone. No one wanted to talk to me there cept for one lady, who begged me to go into the stinky sewers and find some critter named Radamant, and kill em. Well, since I am pretty good at that, I went and did it.

Now I smell like rotted meat. I need a bath.

So yea, last night I was able to accomplish both goals I had set out to do, AND go a bit farther! My main goals last night were as follows:

1) Find the runes and weapon to build the Runeword STEEL
2) Kill Andarial

Not only did I do both of those, I was also able to build the Runeword Stealth in some armor (I had plenty of runes thanks to the 7 Countess Runs I had to do to get the El and Tir for STEEL), and I killed both Andy and Radamant.

I also ended up respeccing and going Bear, intending eventually to go Fireclaws with a dash of Shockwave. Oh yea, gonna go big and angry and FIRE AND BURNINATION HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



ANYWAY! Next goal / milestone? GET THE HORADRIC CUBE! Yesssss must get cubey must MAKE THINGS.

Diablo 2 Adventures: Day 2 – Sent to Jail, do not pass Go!

Dear Diary,

Today I was sent to jail, in the worst place possible! I mean, I didn’t know that the fallen were a protected species! Besides, they kept trying to maul me with their angry little knives! Apparently however some demon police saw me murdering them in a rage, and decided that I would be better off in the old rogues jails.

Little did they know that I found a way out! Well, its really a way in deeper, but hey, eventually I will get out. Whoever designed those jails was a madman however. I mean, they keep twisting and changing and I swear that they are on tracks or something. I went to sleep, woke up, and the walls had shifted completely! Its maddening.

Ah well, time to delve deeper into this place. Maybe they got some cool stuff I can snag.

Ahh the jail. How I hate thee. So damn annoying, confusing, and complicated. So last night I made it through the Jail and into the Inner Cloister. I have not gone farther at the moment, but I fully intend to. I picked a few new items, nothing spectacular sadly, and I did take a screenshot of them this time. Hopefully I can survive to face off with Andy down in the depths.

I also suffered my first death last night. I got trapped and surrounded by a Stone Skinned Death Clan and his minion pack, and got mauled faster then the little bit of lifeleech that Fury afforded me. I think I need to put more points into that.

Overall I am having fun, and had I been more awake I would have kept playing last night. But the jails drove me nuts. Time to farm some XP before heading down though. Here is a shot of the loot I have found that is halfway decent. I got the sword from gambling.

Diablo 2 Adventures: Day 1 – Deckard Cain Obtained!

I am going to be posting here a journal of sorts of my adventures in Diablo 2. Its for fun, and you all can see my character grow from here, along with crazy triumphs and other neat things.

Yes I think of him as an item, because he basically is just a walking book of identify if ya think about it. I mean, who really just “stays a while and listens” to that windbag!

But I digress…or DO I?!

So last night I downloaded my copy of D2 with LOD from Blizzard (got it on my Bnet account woot woot) reinstalled it, and started gaming. I remembered my old login info (surprise!) and was able to create a character and get started on US East. If there is a friends list (I DONT REMEMBER ARG!) you can add me:

Acct Name – Stomphoof
Character Name – Marketus

I made a druid, werewolf based. Already he is kickin ass. Last night I played for about 2 hours, and made it to level 10 and rescued Deckard Cain. I of course did not stay and listen, as at that point it was late and I had to sleep. Stupid day job.

I have found some decent gear, and my plan right now is to max Werewolf Form and Lyncanthropcy, get a point or two in Rabies and Frenzy (I think its frenzy, the lifesteal power) and then max Fury for hilarious carnage.

I am discovering however that there is a shit TON of lag on BNet. My god, my connection is a rock solid 1MB and I was having all sorts of rubber banding and crap. Thankfully I did not die due to it.

Last nights worst fight was Blood Raven. I had a good 85% chance to hit that wench, but you would never have known it given how many damn times I missed! I timed it, took 3 minutes to kill her thanks to constantly missing my attacks! BAH!

Gear wise I didn’t take any screenies, as I dont have anything miraculous at the moment. Got a few decent charms (including a small charm that add 2-4 fire damage, and some resists), my sword is a socketed sword, got a rare pair of boots and a rare chestplate. Nothing special.

Lets see what the next night brings!