Diablo 2 Adventures: Day 2 – Sent to Jail, do not pass Go!

Dear Diary,

Today I was sent to jail, in the worst place possible! I mean, I didn’t know that the fallen were a protected species! Besides, they kept trying to maul me with their angry little knives! Apparently however some demon police saw me murdering them in a rage, and decided that I would be better off in the old rogues jails.

Little did they know that I found a way out! Well, its really a way in deeper, but hey, eventually I will get out. Whoever designed those jails was a madman however. I mean, they keep twisting and changing and I swear that they are on tracks or something. I went to sleep, woke up, and the walls had shifted completely! Its maddening.

Ah well, time to delve deeper into this place. Maybe they got some cool stuff I can snag.

Ahh the jail. How I hate thee. So damn annoying, confusing, and complicated. So last night I made it through the Jail and into the Inner Cloister. I have not gone farther at the moment, but I fully intend to. I picked a few new items, nothing spectacular sadly, and I did take a screenshot of them this time. Hopefully I can survive to face off with Andy down in the depths.

I also suffered my first death last night. I got trapped and surrounded by a Stone Skinned Death Clan and his minion pack, and got mauled faster then the little bit of lifeleech that Fury afforded me. I think I need to put more points into that.

Overall I am having fun, and had I been more awake I would have kept playing last night. But the jails drove me nuts. Time to farm some XP before heading down though. Here is a shot of the loot I have found that is halfway decent. I got the sword from gambling.


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