I always come back here, dont I?

You know, all my blogs, all my websites, all my social sites, the one I always come back to, the one I always end up writing on or updating…is this one. Right here.

I guess it just feels like home. Like my own personal space on the web.

As if you guys didn’t notice (and I know people read this thing, I CAN TRACK YOU BWHAHAHA…ahem) I have started a “journal” of sorts for my adventures in Diablo 2. I love that game, its what got me hooked on the Action RPG Genre really, and that genre is one of the few that I can play for hours at a time.

Also, something I am working on: I am going to pick up an instrument.

Now don’t laugh when I tell you which one.


I know you are laughing. I can tell. STOP IT *cries*

Now I bet you are wondering why that particular instrument. Well, here is a bit of history. Back in Elementary school I took music like most kids. I found I had a knack for it, and ended up taking piano lessons for 2 years before leaving elementary school. When I hit Middle School I had to take Band and Choir, and ended up joining Band and learning to play the bass clarient. I was really good at it to, one of the few things I was good at (and I still remember how to play it to this day, and with my shitty ass memory thats saying something!)

In fact, the major talent I have exibited over the years has been a skill with music. I am good at it, I grasp it quickly, and I can hum melodies and things that I make up on a whim and they sound (at least when I hum em) pretty awesome. I also appreciate classical music.

I have tried over the past few years to teach myself rock based instruments (guitar, bass) but in the end they don’t hold my interest, mainly because I dont like how you have to play them.

But sometimes, I find myself pretending to hold the big ol bass clarient, hearing the deep resonant tones in my head.

And I want that.

But, sadly, Bass Clarients are over $1000 in price! YIKES! But I still want to play and create music using a woodwinds instrument (my favorite type!) Thats where the Recorder comes in. You see, its a woodwinds instrument that can do roughly 2 octaves (plus a half) of notes, and the different records have different ranges. Now, the tenor recorder would most likely be the one that would be closest to a bass clarinet (interestingly enough) but the Alto seems more my speed (both in size and price)

So thats where my goal is. To pick one up. Hell I can get a cheap one off amazon.com for $15

Here is the kicker though!

I am going to be doing this without actually spending my own money. How you may ask? By doing online surveys. I am actually a member of several survey sites that do rewards in gift card format. The one I need however I havent used in FOREVER so earning the 22,000 points needed to get a $20 amazon gift card is gonna be a bit of a pain. But hey, thats life right?

Also, I have been doing Pathfinder via Play by Post lately. I play in 4 games, run 1, and am having a blast. If you want to play Table top RPGS and dont have time to really do it once a week look into Play by Post. Most games only want a single post a day from each player, and the sedate pace makes it perfect for working folk :D

Thats my life in a nutshell at the moment. Weeeeee

Oh and if you wanna donate to the “Get Clayton a Recorder” fund you can always just paypal me a couple bucks (its bluedragonlord23 AT gmail DOT com) :P HAHA not that I expect you guys to….but it was my Birthday back on the 13th ;) HAHA


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