Gotta Catch em All!

Hey folks its been a while. *checks his last post date* Wow I last posted in May! Gonna try to fix that, get at least 1 post per week in here and get things going again. Lets see if I can go over all my life changes the last few months…

1) Started playing Magic the Gathering again a bit
2) Made a few new friends
3) Got both a PSP and DS XL
4) Lost my job (was laid off)
5) Got a new PT Cruiser
6) Got a new job (been doing it for 2 weeks now)
7) Started messing around in WoW again

Yea its alot.

So what prompted me to post you might ask? Well a few things. Firstly somehow I still get 10-20 hits a day on here, without updating worth shite. Something has to be worth it around here. Also, I miss writing quite a bit. I found it soothing, in an odd way. Despite not playing Wargames anymore (just don’t have the time sadly) I am still interested in the hobby. Kinda wish I had the time to start playing something like Warhammer Fantasy TBH. Why has no one created an online 3D simulator of that game I wonder..

Another major reason though is I wanted to talk about something I have found a love for…and you people BETTER NOT LAUGH.

I love the Pokemon games.

Let me explain.

Back when the original GameBoy was hot shit, I had one. I owned Super Mario Land and Dr Mario for it. Then Pokemon Red and Blue came out and me and my sister each got one (blue for me, red for her). We played the CRAP outta those, and I ended up beating both at some point.

However, after that, I just stopped liking Pokemon. I think it was a combination of shame (being a highschooler) along with it being aimed at kids via the anime.

Fast forward to now. I get a DS XL from a friend of mine in trade, and convince him to give me a copy of Pokemon White. I figured “Hey, might as well have 1 Pokemon game for it.”

This was a MISTAKE. I could not put the game down. I spent 35 hours training up my team and beating the Elite 4 and the final boss in the main game, hit the post game and decided then and there I loved the series again. Since that day I have ended up buying the following Pokemon games for my DS.

1) White
2) SoulSilver
3) Platinum
4) Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time

I also went, restarted my game in White, and got an Event Pokemon called Zoroak for my new theme team, the “Pokemon of DarkWater”. Yea I went there.


I counter with this.

Do you like RPGS? Do you like strategy? Do you like variety? Then you should play Pokemon. Once you get past the fact that its a kid fighting people with little cute critters, its a really deep and complicated game. I think there are something like 14 “Types” of pokemon, each with strengths and weaknesses vs other types. YOu got a fire type? Well his ass is weak to Water, Fighting, and I believe Ground moves, so watch it! Got a Steel type? Holy shit that thing is resistant to all sorts of crap! ECT ECT.

Furthermore, you are basically building a custom 6 man team from a pool of somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 characters. Alot of them share move pools (Same attacks) and whatnot, but have different actual stats (ATK, DEF, ect)

And then there is the fact that each Pokemon can only have 4 attacks at any given time! And each attack has a set amount of PP (basically action points) it can use per move. Some weaker moves have LOTS of PP so you can spam em. The heavy hitters or power moves can have as little as 5 PP (meaning after 5 uses you gotta refill its PP or its useless)

And then there is the cute factor. I will admit, I am a sucker for cute cuddly things. I owned Guinea Pigs at the age of 28 for god sakes.

So if enjoying a game series like Pokemon makes me a kid, immature, or any number of other things, then thats fine.

I will sit over here with my Tepig and burn some bitches to the ground. CAUSE THATS HOW I ROLL!

Behold, a Fire Pig. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT

2 thoughts on “Gotta Catch em All!

  1. My dream for the Pokemon games is that someday, you will have a game where you can skip the “How to Catch Pokemon” tutorial. I have done this many times, I know how to catch them at this point! :p


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