Opposition: The Open Beta is Here

Its time for me to let my creation see the light of day and get torn apart by the masses.

So here it is:

Opposition, for those who missed it, is a “Build your Own Miniatures” Ruleset, sort of a cross between DND, Heroscape, and Warmachine.  Its designed to be skirmish level.

Here is the URL for a PDF of the rules, along with a character sheet page, templates, and even tokens to use in testing.


All I ask is that you let me know how you feel about the game, the mechanics, ect.

Please note that there is NO FLUFF in this download.


An Introduction to “Opposition”

The Plane of Opposition. A strange place, where a multitude of other lands, worlds, and planes dump into. Over the centuries, this has caused the land of Opposition to be littered with relics of ages past, of civilizations that have tried to survive in the strange and wondrous world that is Opposition. Inhabited by creatures from a multitude of worlds, Opposition is still largely unexplored.

Those who come to the plane generally do so voluntarily these days, as the portals into the world have been mapped and catalogued. However, new worlds are always gaining access to Opposition somehow, which has caused the land to become a veritable melting pot of cultures, peoples, and ideals.

Most who come to Opposition do so generally for one of two reasons: To escape their past and start over, or to hunt for the treasures of previous ages. The city of Intention sits in the very center of the plane, and underneath it lies the Halls. It is there, in the Halls, that people first appear when they come to the plane. From there, its a short ride through the trolley system to the surface, and into the city of Intention proper.

So let me welcome you, traveler, to Opposition. Your destiny awaits. Will you be a hero, lauded for your discoveries and assisting others? Will you be a villain, looking for more power to help further your goals? Or will you be neutral, working for whomever has the most coin and caring not what effects your actions have?

The choices are yours.

The land of Opposition awaits.

So there you have it folks.  The introduction blurb / back cover blurb of my upcoming miniatures ruleset “Opposition”.

I am dead serious about this project.  In fact, after this weekend’s testing the system SHOULD be ready for an open Beta Test of sorts.  I am rather nervous however of just posting a PDF of the crunch on the web but I need a broader base of testing.

Hopefully some of you out there actually read this stuff and are willing to help me out.

Opposition: Test 1 Results

Alright! My game has a name, titled Opposition. Has to do with the fluff and all. So after some work I finished my first draft of the rules, took em up to the game shop I used to go to when I was big into Warmachine with my friend Dan, and me, him, and 2 people who I used to play Warmachine went at it in a 4 way game.

Thats right, the first test run of my rule set was in a 4 way free for all. That was a bit nutty.

We each made our dudes for play, which everyone seemed to enjoy, and then we started it up. We had another person watching as when I explained how the game was to function he seemed very interested in it.

The game went smoothly albiet a bit slowly. Everyone but me had to check what their abilities did, and what spells they could cast.

Some things we quickly noticed:

I had 2 high level abilities that basically gave the person using them the effects of a Critical every time they hit. Those showed to be very obviously overpowered, so those 2 have been toned down a bit already.

The defense outscaled attack showed how easy it was to be a tank. Defense has been scaled down.

We figured that we need to mark which abilities are passive and which are active. Going to have to put down that active abilities cannot be used with each other, but Passives can be used with actives. To make sure people can tell what stacks with what.

Otherwise however, we didn’t find much wrong. Everyone enjoyed the ability to customize their creations, and for a game that I put about 12 hours of work total in (8 hours writing, 4 hours tweaking and formatting) its showing amazing promise.

Now to just start writing up some fluff and factions and make some generic dudes, and it will be good to go!

Project “Minions”

I enjoy wargaming.

No really! I enjoy pushing little metal/plastic dudes around a table, beating up other little dudes with dice.

I enjoy tabletop gaming.

DND and Pathfinder are two games that I do enjoy. I like making my own character, choosing powers and abilities and having a ball.

So last night, as I laid in bed I had an epiphiny.

I am going to make my own Miniatures ruleset!

Kinda crazy right? Well, I know that I cannot come up with anything complicated, nor would I want to. But I have decided I am going to come up with and design a ruleset that appeals to me first.

Here is what I have decided thus far:

1 – Its a ruleset only. No miniatures. Its going to be one of those “Use your own minis” rulesets.
2 – Its going to be a “Build your own Character” system. Similar to DND / Tabletop games, you will use a balanced system to build each hero in your team.
3 – Skirmish sized. I am a huge fan of small scale games. I aim to have 2-10 models per side.

I also decided on a stat system.

Each model will have the following stats:


HP is obviously your hitpoints. Move is how far in inches you can go. Atk is your damage rating. ARM is your Armor. And Range is the max distance you can strike from.

I think I am gonna go with a 2d6 system. To attack you simply choose a target, and roll 2d6 and add your Atk. The defender rolls 2d6 and adds their ARM. For every point you beat their roll, you do a point of damage. Pretty simplistic, right?

Also, I have decided to use a “Talent” system as it were for abilities. Basically, you will have 3 “tiers” of Abilities, each one costing a certain number of points to take.

So lets explain my “Rough Outline” of building a character.

1 – Choose how many points the model will be worth.

2 – Based on that choice, you get a certain number of Stat Points and Ability Points.

3 – Spend your stat points.
3a – HP is 5 per 1 stat point spent
3b – Move is 1 per 1 sp spent
3c – Atk is 1 per 1 sp spent
3d – ARM is 2 per 1 sp spent
3e – Range 1 to 2 sp spent

4 – Spend your ability points. There will be a set number of abilities to choose from, each costing a different number of AP.
5 – Name your new character

Action System: 2 actions per model a round. You can move, attack, use a special ability. You can do any 2 actions in a round. IE Move twice, attack twice, use 2 abilities (but not the same one twice!), Attack and use an Ability, Move attack, Attack move, ect.

Alternating actions. Each person activates a model in alternating turns. IE You activate one, opponent does. If one side runs out of activations, the other side can activate the rest in succession.

To determine who activates first, its a simple roll of 2d6 opposed. Higher score goes first that round.

Point Values: So far my idea to have models be either 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points. A 1 point model gets 10 stat points to spend, and 1 AP. A 2 pointer get 20 stat points, and 3 AP. A 3 pointer gets 30 stat points and 5 AP.

That’s what I have so far. The idea is for abilities to play a big role. Doing things like giving you shields, magic, extra attack options, ect. Hopefully this will work out. We will see.

This one is for your Oreet: It never goes away.

Nevermind that I do not play Warmachine / Hordes anymore. I still end up reading about it. Whether its GingerK1d’s stuff on his Workbench, or Kurt’s tweets, or Owen from FarFarAway, I still find myself fascinated by the game.

And while I am not a fan of the direction its going (Much larger scale battles) I can still appreciate the work that goes into planning, strategy, and the craft of painting.

What has made me want to post today however, is an old WoW buddy of mine by the name of Joe, aka Oreet. You see, apparently last month or so he started playing Warmachine. Now what I find funny is that I met him, oh, 4-5 years ago through World of Warcraft, and we have stayed in touch on and off throughout the years.

I want to say a year or two ago he started asking me for my help with Dungeons and Dragons as he started playing that. He then got into Minis with that, painting them for his friends.

I guess that is what drew him into Warmahordes.

He now has his own little Cygnar army, and I wanted to show off his work because, lets face it, it like many others is alot better then my work ever was!

You can find his stuff on the PP Boards here – http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?80077-My-Cygnar-Army-Thread

But here are some pictures, at least of the ones I like the best.

I am hoping you guys can go to his thread and give him pointers and talk to him. Welcome him into the wide world of Privateer Press!

Oh, and teach him about Page 5 ;)

Another Weekly Update

Yea yea I know I am a few days late, what do you want? I had an interesting weekend. So I made myself a Fury Warrior in WoW, a Worgen. Mainly because 1) I have not really done the Worgen starting area, and 2) Worgen get extra Crit which helps a fury warrior.

The reason I went Fury was for Titans Grip, which I know won’t be till 70, but ya know what? I can wait :D

I hit 29 over the weekend with about 12 hours played. Untwinked besides some bags that my friends gave me. 2 of my new coworkers play WoW, and I made this guy on one, named Gabe, server. I also transferred my 85 DK Bludsnausage over to it. Server is Hellscream by the way for those who care.

Beyond that, I am playing Pokemon White again, and this time I am abusing the Dreamworld system. You see, the guys who did Pokemon setup for this edition a “Dreamworld” which is basically this Flash Game that can give you benefits in your actual game. Its setup through the Pokemon Global Link, which also keeps tabs on your wins and losses from matches played against other people via WiFi. I have not done that save for once, where some Japanese kid (it said he was in Japan at least) beat my ass in like no time flat.

What can you do in the Dreamworld? Well, find items and Pokemon that normally are not available till after you beat the main game, along with the ones who are normally there during the first half of the game. The best part though is that you can find these pokes with special Dream World abilities, which are unique, and they can come with attacks that they normally would not know.

For example, I found a Ponyta (a Fire Horse) who knew Thrash, which was a really powerful move that it cannot normally learn in any fashion. I ended up trading it (my first trade!) to someone for a Sawk, which worked for me cause Sawk is fuckin hardcore.

Other then WoW and Pokemon, I have not been doing too much. Got the Witcher 2 while it was on sale on GoG.com, and found that it really deserves its M rating.

Oh I watched Hell in a Cell last night (WWE Wrestling PPV) and was amused at the ending. If you guys want me to talk about it I can post something.

Maybe I should start doing written reviews of the WWE PPVs and shows. That could be fun.

What do you all want to see more of if anything?