Another Weekly Update

Yea yea I know I am a few days late, what do you want? I had an interesting weekend. So I made myself a Fury Warrior in WoW, a Worgen. Mainly because 1) I have not really done the Worgen starting area, and 2) Worgen get extra Crit which helps a fury warrior.

The reason I went Fury was for Titans Grip, which I know won’t be till 70, but ya know what? I can wait :D

I hit 29 over the weekend with about 12 hours played. Untwinked besides some bags that my friends gave me. 2 of my new coworkers play WoW, and I made this guy on one, named Gabe, server. I also transferred my 85 DK Bludsnausage over to it. Server is Hellscream by the way for those who care.

Beyond that, I am playing Pokemon White again, and this time I am abusing the Dreamworld system. You see, the guys who did Pokemon setup for this edition a “Dreamworld” which is basically this Flash Game that can give you benefits in your actual game. Its setup through the Pokemon Global Link, which also keeps tabs on your wins and losses from matches played against other people via WiFi. I have not done that save for once, where some Japanese kid (it said he was in Japan at least) beat my ass in like no time flat.

What can you do in the Dreamworld? Well, find items and Pokemon that normally are not available till after you beat the main game, along with the ones who are normally there during the first half of the game. The best part though is that you can find these pokes with special Dream World abilities, which are unique, and they can come with attacks that they normally would not know.

For example, I found a Ponyta (a Fire Horse) who knew Thrash, which was a really powerful move that it cannot normally learn in any fashion. I ended up trading it (my first trade!) to someone for a Sawk, which worked for me cause Sawk is fuckin hardcore.

Other then WoW and Pokemon, I have not been doing too much. Got the Witcher 2 while it was on sale on, and found that it really deserves its M rating.

Oh I watched Hell in a Cell last night (WWE Wrestling PPV) and was amused at the ending. If you guys want me to talk about it I can post something.

Maybe I should start doing written reviews of the WWE PPVs and shows. That could be fun.

What do you all want to see more of if anything?


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