This one is for your Oreet: It never goes away.

Nevermind that I do not play Warmachine / Hordes anymore. I still end up reading about it. Whether its GingerK1d’s stuff on his Workbench, or Kurt’s tweets, or Owen from FarFarAway, I still find myself fascinated by the game.

And while I am not a fan of the direction its going (Much larger scale battles) I can still appreciate the work that goes into planning, strategy, and the craft of painting.

What has made me want to post today however, is an old WoW buddy of mine by the name of Joe, aka Oreet. You see, apparently last month or so he started playing Warmachine. Now what I find funny is that I met him, oh, 4-5 years ago through World of Warcraft, and we have stayed in touch on and off throughout the years.

I want to say a year or two ago he started asking me for my help with Dungeons and Dragons as he started playing that. He then got into Minis with that, painting them for his friends.

I guess that is what drew him into Warmahordes.

He now has his own little Cygnar army, and I wanted to show off his work because, lets face it, it like many others is alot better then my work ever was!

You can find his stuff on the PP Boards here –

But here are some pictures, at least of the ones I like the best.

I am hoping you guys can go to his thread and give him pointers and talk to him. Welcome him into the wide world of Privateer Press!

Oh, and teach him about Page 5 ;)


One thought on “This one is for your Oreet: It never goes away.

  1. It’s not too late to play Warmachine again! Don’t misunderstand the purpose of the unbound rules, it’s just something that allows giant battles to run more.. fluidly. We still find that our games are under 50pts 95% of the time.

    But yeah, Trolls. Play them! We should get a vassal game in!


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