Opposition: Test 1 Results

Alright! My game has a name, titled Opposition. Has to do with the fluff and all. So after some work I finished my first draft of the rules, took em up to the game shop I used to go to when I was big into Warmachine with my friend Dan, and me, him, and 2 people who I used to play Warmachine went at it in a 4 way game.

Thats right, the first test run of my rule set was in a 4 way free for all. That was a bit nutty.

We each made our dudes for play, which everyone seemed to enjoy, and then we started it up. We had another person watching as when I explained how the game was to function he seemed very interested in it.

The game went smoothly albiet a bit slowly. Everyone but me had to check what their abilities did, and what spells they could cast.

Some things we quickly noticed:

I had 2 high level abilities that basically gave the person using them the effects of a Critical every time they hit. Those showed to be very obviously overpowered, so those 2 have been toned down a bit already.

The defense outscaled attack showed how easy it was to be a tank. Defense has been scaled down.

We figured that we need to mark which abilities are passive and which are active. Going to have to put down that active abilities cannot be used with each other, but Passives can be used with actives. To make sure people can tell what stacks with what.

Otherwise however, we didn’t find much wrong. Everyone enjoyed the ability to customize their creations, and for a game that I put about 12 hours of work total in (8 hours writing, 4 hours tweaking and formatting) its showing amazing promise.

Now to just start writing up some fluff and factions and make some generic dudes, and it will be good to go!


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