From the Grave…

Rises one thought dead…one thought gone…

Yes I am being all DRAMATIC and whatnot. But hey, I can be that way. Considering I have not posted here since October, and really just have not had the time to do so, I can be all cryptic.

Oh, and I am playing Warmachine again as of this past weekend (the 28th)

And I have forsaken the motherland.

To go with the fact that I have been dead to the Warmachine community and whatnot, I have chosen to follow those master of undeath, the Cryx. I have tried to stay away from miniature gaming but, sadly, I keep being drawn back to it. There is something just…fun…about pushing little dudes around on a table wrecking each other.

Me and Dan have made a gentlemens agreement as it were. Mostly for me honestly.

1 – I cannot buy any more minis till what I have is painted (cept for Cankerworm!)

2 – We won’t play above 25 points.

Odd rules right? The painting is so that way I at least can try to get better. I don’t want to do classic Cryx black though. I was thinking either a deep blue (to go with the island / sea thing) or a bright venom green to go with the corrosion theme.

Leaning towards the blue, since I want something DEEP blue (almost purple). And its gonna be tabletop standard so no highlighting (I still don’t grasp the concept of it, don’t ask)

Maybe a nice deep purple…hrmm. Oh and I am gonna use GW Paints, I am used to em.

Also, here is what I own for Cryx now:


2x Deathripper



Warwitch Siren

Basically a battlebox (the plastic one), pGaspy, and the Siren.

I want a Cankerworm to go with pGaspy. I like the mini its nifty.

So me and Dan had our first game in over a year on Saturday. It was Circle Battlebox vs Cryx Battlebox.

And Dan won. It really came down to the wire. He managed to wreak each of my jacks, and I got rid of everything but one Argus… and of course Kaya. He had to cut himself several times to get fury, and Kaya had managed to be harmed by Corrosion…and had like 3 boxes left.

He charged Denny, boosted his hit roll, and managed to hit her AND get a crit (rolled 2 fives and a six, hitting Denny). He then rolled MAX damage, and dropped Denny to 2 boxes, and knocked her down with the crit. Bought another attack and mauled Denny. That little battlebox game took 3 hours haha. It was so much fun.

Oh and before you ask, about the 25 point max limit:

Me and Dan like small point games. We feel in those games each model and unit REALLY matter. You have to make hard choices at those small levels on what to take. You can’t just take a bunch of the best stuff and drive it down your opponents throat. What do you take when you are limited in points? Thats what we like. It gets VERY strategic at that level.

In other news:

Me and Dan are going to be starting our own board and card game design company. We already have a card game laid out and ready for being prototyped, and I am designing a tactical board/war game that uses hex tiles to build the board, and uses tokens to represent the units. Should be pretty cool.

More to come on that front.

I am honestly surprised this place still gets hits AND has subscribers too. So HI FOLKS!


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