Annoyed….at Podcasts?

Haha just started playing again and I am already annoyed, go figure huh? Oddly enough I am NOT annoyed at the game of Warmahordes though. Or the players. Or anything related to the game itself. Nope.

Rather I am annoyed at the Podcasts for Warmahordes. Thats right…the podcasts. NONE OF YOU DO WEB STREAMING IT SEEMS! Or at least in such a way that my poor little android will play em. Actually I take that back. The LAST episode of TrollBloodScrum’s show was playable. But nothing else. I don’t know why.

I can’t download to my phone sadly (no card) so I might have to download to my MP3 player that I never use. Also, there are ALOT of freaking podcasts out there now! Which ones should I look into for general OR Cryx specific information?

Which podcasts do you like? Which ones would you suggest a guy, gone over a year from the game, look into?


8 thoughts on “Annoyed….at Podcasts?

    1. Clayton

      1st I must do this *holyshititstrevorfromchainattack* /fanboymoment

      Ya I know I am gonna be getting a new MicroSD card for my phone tomorrow to help with covering the Crucible event. I kinda already listened to your entire backlog however eheheheh


  1. JohnOSpencer

    I listen to most of them and they all have their usefulness. I’ll second Chain Attack, they only do battle reports, but they are good. To catch back up you can look into Guts N Gears, but their podcasts are long as heck. Lost Hemisphere is the ‘fun and silly’ side of Warmachine/Hordes, while the Prime Generation or Focus and Fury are the more competitive side. Muse on Minis and Warcast have good content (you’d prefer Warcast, they have more Cryx players) but their sound quality is bad. The other British ones (Alpha Strike Radio, Elite Cadre and Boosted Damage) are pretty good, but you’ll hear a lot of talk about people you don’t know (and probably won’t care about). I’m not sure if that helps, but that’s most of them.


  2. Buy a mini sd card for your droid. You can get them for ten bucks or under if you really want to listen. Just erase after each show. You can install the card in slot above where the battery should be. I got a droid as well. I really like they do great bat reps and breakdowns. I dont always agree with them but they are entertaining. Check out my site.


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