Plans and Purchases

Since I actually GOT money this year for my taxes, my wife has stated I am allowed to take up to half of it for myself. I am only taking 1/6 of the amount though, and am giving a bit to Dan so he can buy some new circle stuff (as a late bday / xmas gift)

Right now, I want to get the following:


– Purple

– Gold

– Steel

– Bone

– Black Wash




Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls

So that gives me quite a few options to mess around with honestly. I am also thinking a Skarlock if I can afford it. I already have the Battlebox, pGaspy, and a War Witch Siren. Should I pick up a heavy though? One of those Plastic Heavy Kits that lets me make one of several, or I can magnatize the arms and bam, multiheavy!

Trying to plan to spend money is hard haha.

What I really want is Mortenabra, as I love Jack’s. But no idea how to run her at 25 points or less!

After I finish these purchases, its painting time!

Any suggestions on what I am missing?


2 thoughts on “Plans and Purchases

  1. If you’re interested in Mortenebra I’d hold out for the plastic Leviathan-chassis kit (apparently the new Desecrator is going to be plastic, which suggests a three-model kit to me). Morty loves her some crabs – they’re Steady, like her, they’re on large bases so they screen her, and they all love either screening her and shooting things up with Interface or rampaging off with Terminal Velocity.


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