Oh God…Why

Let me be frank. I want to play Hordes. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, and my history (read my archives here). I started playing seriously with Trollbloods in Mark 1.

Now, why I am going “Oh God Why”?


Because of my tax money. It lets me buy things!

You see, I cannot figure out what I want for my Cryx besides Cankerworm. I also don’t want to get a whole bunch of models for the faction until I decide I really like it (so far I do). I also want to play Hordes and have fun with the fury mechanic. I also want to play beast heavy because, well, I like the beasts!

So, looking at all the Hordes factions, I run into some issues with all of em save 1. So lets go over my issues with all of em.

Minions: Lack of variety here. Gators have 5 beasts, Pigs 3. I only like 1 Gator Warlock and 2 of the Pigs.

Trollbloods: They seem, looking at how they are setup now, they seem infantry heavy. They do have a good beast caster, but I have played em before and they don’t really interest me.

Circle: Dan plays em. I don’t want to step on his toes. And I only like Baulder / eBaulder, and thats not enough for me. And I am not a huge fan of their infantry.

Skorne: I love their beasts…but the casters are not really beast focused from what I have seen. If I am wrong here please tell me however. Giant elephants and cyclops are awesome. And I don’t mind their infantry (but the agonizer is creepy)

Legion: I like their beasts (shredders are cute!) and I like a few of their casters. pThags, eThags, Absylonia, and Bethayne/Belphagor. My only issue? The CHEESE! Oh god, Legion was the only faction I could never beat when I played Khador.

Hence my OH GOD WHY. I am actually leaning towards Legion.

Which would you suggest? Why? Also, don’t try to talk me out of it, I want one Warmachine and one Hordes faction, and I want the option to play either at small levels.

Oh, and are the Hordes warpacks plastic now? Or are they still Metal?

Finally: I love Chain-Attack. I am listening to it right now at work. Thanks for the suggestion. I am listening to ALL the episodes! ALL OF THEM. Got my little Mp3 player out and its got every episode that I have not heard yet on it :D


7 thoughts on “Oh God…Why

  1. MJ;-)

    Using USD $$…

    9 out of 10 times, I’d suggest the battlebox due to the cost savings. Given that the plastic Heavy Beast (release date Feb 22) is $35 and the “classic” metal one is $40… The Legion box would run 67 or 72 as separate pieces versus the 50 cost it is as a box set.

    In this case, though, given your (good) idea to go w/ Absylonia, I think Abby ($12) + 1 pack of 2 shredders ($10) plus plastic heavy ($35) is a better 52 compared to the 50 warpack cost (IMO, the Legion Warpack’s main drawback is a warlock and 2 shredders that won’t see that much play beyond the battlebox). That would come to 10 points, giving you 5 points to play with – if sticking w/ the beast theme, harriers or a raek would be a good addition; a shepherd and/or a forsaken would also be a good buy to fill up the points. I’ve not actually played w/ the Scythean or Ravagore, but waiting til late Feb to pick up the plastic Heavy Warbeast kit would be ideal, with some magnets, you could use any of the types – the Carnivean is the most points of the three, so you can play with point totals by changing him to a Ravagore or Scythean as needed.

    Abby (-5)
    Carnivean 11
    Shredder 2
    Shredder 2
    Raek 4
    Shepherd 1
    = 15

    Swap the Carnivean down to a Ravagore (10 pts) or Scythean (9 pts, I think), and you can upgrade the Shepherd (1 pt) to a Forsaken (2 pts), or take one of each.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Clayton

      Absylonia – $ 9 Battlebox – $38 Raek – $15

      The place where I get my stuff does some nice discounts. Its actually more cost effective for me to get the battlebox.


  2. MJ;-)

    Welcome to the Dark Side, um, I mean the Wild Side.

    Skorne has a somewhat beast-centric caster in pMorghoul – he’s got one spell and one ability that are really beast-centric (Abuse and Maltreatment respectively). In Skorne, its really the Paingiver Beast Handlers that do more for the beasts. A few of the other Warlocks have a spell or two and’/or a feat that boosts the beasts, but more in the sense that they affect “model/unit” and therefore work on infantry and beasts alike.

    Legion is my primary Hordes army (Skorne being something I just started a few weeks ago for a Slow Grow league). They can certainly have their cheese factor for sure. But I’ve lost with them more than I’ve won. So they’re not THAT unstoppable. pThagrosh, eThagrosh (best model EVA!), and Absylonia are all great beast casters (don’t play Bethayne, so can’t comment there).

    Nope. Hordes Warpacks are still metal. Each factions’ Heavy Chassis warbeasts are in the process of coming out as multi-kits a la the Warmachine Heavy ‘Jacks (magnets can be your friend), and each faction has one plastic infantry unit (I think), but the Warlocks and Lights/Lessers are all metal.


      1. MJ;-)

        Look to a Tier 4 Absylonia list. Either of the Thagroshes will do well with the same set of models (although tweaking would be needed since the Thagroshes don’t have as much Warbeast points and the Abby tier list reduces cost of Heavies). Point being, a Tier 4 Abby list will easily translate into a great p/eThagrosh list.


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