Really Privateer? Really?

Ok, I gotta be the dissenter on this. I have to be. I can’t keep my mouth shut here.

Colossals are stupid.

I can hear you all getting mad right now. Slow down. Calm down. Let me explain my problems based on what I know right now.

Monetary Cost: Estimated at more then a battle engine (and those go for about $85 around here) I just can’t justify the cost!

Logistics: How on earth are you gonna transport those things?! They are massive!

Point Cost: The only thing I have seen is an estimation of 18-20 points. Thats EXPENSIVE. And unless they are strong enough to only be destroyed by other Colossals (bad idea) you can lose em to normal jacks/troops. Even with a bigger grid.

Basically I see these only showing up in 50+ point games. You put that thing down in 35 points, and I will WREAK IT with my jacks/troops. Its base is huge and you can’t really screen it.

Now I do like one thing: The things look AMAZING. But that alone just…doesn’t excite me. I would EVENTUALLY possibly get one once I have, well, everything else for my force, just as a centerpiece for my army.

Its kinda like how I feel about Battle Engines: They are basically Jack/Beasts without the focus/fury mechanic. I mean honestly, do people LIKE the Battle Engines? I never hear people talk about them honestly, other then in a negative way.

The troll image I saw though on Trollbloodscrum….GIANT MULG?! MODEL COOL! Still wouldn’t use it in play though haha.


5 thoughts on “Really Privateer? Really?

  1. At 15+ points, I don’t expect to field one that often, if at all. (Especially since eSkarre can’t feat on them… that errata really makes sense now.)

    That said.

    Holy hell, but they are beautiful models. Really amazing. When I have a real grown up person job, I will massively enjoy putting one of them together and sticking it on my desk. Normally, I’m not a fan of pieces that are just for display – I’m a gamer before a hobbyist (just about) but they are SO PRETTY that it breaks my rule on spending money on models that don’t see table time. Which in itself is a great acheivement from Privateer.


  2. I don’t like this. I already got a whiff of “bigger, stronger, awesomerer” mentality from battle engines, which is a thing that I don’t want to infect PP like it did GW. It won’t ruin the game or anything, but I’m not happy. I just hope that they have some kind of rule to limit taking them in games under 50 points or so.

    Just watch the preview video and listen how they describe these things. “My jaw hit the floor… Everyone was flabbergasted… They are so huuuuge” Yeah…

    I’m a grumpy guy, I know.


  3. My only issue is how you can possibly hope to have a “skirmish” game with upto 4 x 120mm bases kicking around the board.

    I don’t mind that they’re bit, as it’s cool to have those centerpiece models. I just don’t think they really fit in with the scale Warmachine play classically represents.


  4. JohnOSpencer

    At this point I trust PP to put out something fair and useful. I’ve played against the last big thing (Battle Engines) and they aren’t game breaking. They can earn their points back, even in small games, but aren’t crazy. I expect much the same thing from Colossi.

    I actually didn’t mind the super-heavy models from GW (disclaimer: I am a former GW employee and didn’t have to pay full price for them). I like the Colossal idea even better, as you can use them in normal armies (unlike my 3+ superheavies).

    My point, before I become too long winded, is that they’ll be awesome for those who want to buy them, but not required to compete for those who don’t.


  5. Skanderbeg

    I don’t have any problems with the colossi, they look cool, and I trust PP will make fair, balanced rules for them exactly like the battle engines. However also like the battle engines they just don’t interest me. The models are awesome but they are just alternate sources of causing damage for the most part, not adding any completely new rules like transportation capabilities or what-have-you. I stopped playing GW because I was tired of gigantic expensive things after all. In short I am a dissenter also.


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