The Weekend in Review

Huzzah! I have 25+ points of Cryx now! And I have no idea how I want to paint em >.> I did NOT get any Legion, they did not have Abby, and thats the only caster I wanted. Which is good, cause after talking to a few people that I chat with around here, I am gonna go back and pick up Trolls for my horde faction.

Here is what I have for my Cryx:


2x Deathrippers
Cankerworm (more about THIS later)

Bloodgorgers (6)

Warwitch Siren
Gerlak Slaughterborn

Not buying any more Cryx for a while. Now I must PAINT my dudes… but I have no idea what Scheme to go with.

Any suggestions? I just don’t want to do black. I don’t like it.

So, lets talk about my Cankerworm fiasco… I buy myself a Mk2 blister of Cankerworm, and when I get home and take it out to assemble it…I have 2 front halves, but no back half! So looks like I gotta contact Privateer Press to get a back half so I can actually BUILD Cankerworm >.> BAH.

So lets talk about the 2 games I have played thus far:

First was straight Cryx vs Circle battlebox on Jan 28th. And it was a SLUGFEST. I don’t remember much but I made some mistakes. Like throwing my arc nodes into melee haha. It ended up however being pDenny vs pKaya and an Argus. And he charged pKaya in (no feat, he used it to have pKaya TRASH my Slayer) and critted and hit pDenny on a boosted hit, and ate me.

Second game was a 25 point game and happened on Feb 4th. I took the following:

– 2x Deathripper
– Cankerworm
– Slayer
– Skarlock
Min Bloodgorgers (6)
Gerlack Slaughterborn
Warwitch Siren

And Dan (my primary opponent) took the following:

– Gnarlhorn Saytr
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Gorax
– Argus
Shifting Stones
Min Skinwalkers

Now I made ALOT of mistakes here. I mean SO MANY.

FIRST: Didn’t notice Cankerworm was Advance Deploy
THIRD: Did not cast a SINGLE UPKEEP on the first round (and I went FIRST)

Those are just on the deployment / first turn >.> Furthermore, my dice were against me in all sorts of ways.

Things went downhill from there, and Dan is learning how to be much more aggressive. On Dans second turn he moved Kromac up, cast Bestial, and then used his Stones activation to teleport Kromac up further which put me in range of Bestial…turning OFF EVERYTHING. Forcing me to back up. He also was upkeeping Warpath (And with that many beasts, all sorts of sillyness happened)

The Stalker is what got me eventually after I tried to get my last arc node out of melee with his Argus. I had 3 focus camped, and his Stalker came out of the forest right into Gaspy, and it took ALL of its fury to kill me. Dan was rolling crazy high ALL NIGHT.

Both games, 15 and 25, took 3 hours to complete.

I felt that I needed more control. So, I picked up a Reaper. This is how I am thinking I am gonna run at 25 points:

– Reaper
– Slayer
– 2x Deathripper
– Skarlock
Bloodgorgers (6)
Gerlak Slaughterborn

Cankerworm didn’t really feel useful at that level, and it did NOTHING for me (maybe I have no idea what to do with it).

I think the Reaper will help with some pulling targets in to be murdered. Not sure yet!

Finally, I have been considering, sometime down the line in the future, of trying to become a Press Ganger. There is a reason of course. The store I play at, Phoenix Games, sadly barely gets any support from our current Orlando Press Ganger. And I can see the reason, honestly. The current ganger lives about 45 minutes away from Phoenix and there are 3 stores over on that side of town that he frequents. So Phoenix Games has to do everything on its own.

And I am nearest to Phoenix.

Now, I am wondering something (since I wouldn’t be doing this anytime soon). I know I need 2 battleboxes painted up and from the same game to be able to apply. Would the Gorten (Rhulic) Battlebox count for that? Or would the second box have to be from one of the 4 main factions?

SO there are my 2 questions of the day!

Could the Rhulic Battlebox qualify as a second Battlebox for Ganger Status?


What paint scheme (basic one please) should I use for my Cryx?


3 thoughts on “The Weekend in Review

  1. Dark green mottled with a lighter green (it’s not hard to do, I manage it and I’m a right lazybones) works quite well with Vallejo or GW bone colours (which have a greenish tint to them). Go for bronze or gold on the metalwork, and if you want a spot colour, a quite vivid purple (somewhere between GW’s Warlock and Liche) should do the job, if I understand my colour theory a’right.


  2. Todd

    A color that looks good on Cryx is an extremely dark, shade of the same green that they use for the spirits. It’s not a dark green that you might associate with hunter green. It looks dark and eery.


  3. MJ;-)

    Greetings. Its ME again. No Legion? Me = hurt. ;-p

    P.S. I’m a PG in North Carolina.

    1. PP doesn’t state you can’t use the Rhulic Battlebox Equivalent in your PG app; however, I think the intent is for PGs to have the tools to do demos, and I think PP likes the demos to be of the primary/established army types.

    2. Being a Cryx player (in addition to Legion and Skorne), I’ve been seriously considering doing a force in a midnight blue scheme. I do a lot of my current Cryx with very dark greens. I’ll probably roll out a bunch of Dark Blue Cryx once I finish my bright pink Breast Cancer Brawl Cryx army. Just make sure you pick a color scheme you really like, lest the minis never get painted.

    You have already discovered one of the things I dislike about Cryx – Arc Nodes in Melee cannot Arc Node. For that reason, I usually run 2 Nightwretches. They’re not the greatest ranged deal in Cryx, but (a) they’re a point cheaper than defilers (which suck at ranged also), so right up my alley for the “run it up, use it for Arc Noding, and don’t cry when it gets scrapped.”

    pAsphyxious is my favorite. Breath of Corruption is one of those rare birds that does full POW 12 damage to anyone touched by the template. Nice trick is to get an arc node 2-1/4 to 3 inches away from target, then arc BoC through it. If you miss, it can’t scatter more than 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 inches, meaning its still likely to land on a few enemy models. I also like to use the Skarlock to toss out a 3rd BoC and cloud the place up nicely.

    Don’t underestimate the POW 5 thing of Asphyxious’ feat. Particularly vs. infantry with high DEF and low ARM – there is no to hit roll, thus bypassing the high DEF; at POW 5, rolls of 6+ are usually causing damage on low ARM models. I like his feat in tandem with Bane Thralls – when they engage an enemy model, their ARM drops by 2. So I run banes all over the place, getting tons of infantry engaged and -2 ARM. Pop feat, watch infantry w/ ARM 8-10 (or so) die in droves.


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