The Crucible: A new Warmahordes Convention/Tournament!

Lets talk Cons for a minute. Being in Florida and fairly poor, its hard to even considering going to any Warmahordes cons. Most of em (Templecon, Lock n Load, Warmachine Invitational) are all up in the North of the US, making it very hard to find a way up there.

In fact, alot of us here in the Orlando area have these problems. Its just hard for us to make it. Lots of poor folks here haha.

However, the Press Ganger I mentioned in my last post, a man by the name of Chris Cuevas, decided about a year or so ago to change this inequity of cons! Back when I was still playing my Khador, I had the idea to create a single website for the state of Florida for all miniature wargames (failed sadly, our game store groups are WAY too insular) and I ended up talking to Cuevas about it, and he mentioned his plans on trying to create a Convention here in Orlando.

And now he has succeeded!

The Crucible is the first of its kind here in the Southeast as far as I have been able to tell. Its a 50 person 3 days long multiple tournaments event, that also has casual gaming (and those who are not part of the tournaments can play for free casually)

Check out this schedule (And they are using Character Restrictions for the final event):

– 2pm Registration opens
– 3pm to Midnight is OPEN GAMING
– 6pm to 11pm RED SKIES AT NIGHT (25 Point Hardcore with 5 min turns) – Gaming Room closes at Midnight

– 9am to 5pm REVEILLE (35 pt SR2012 7 min turns)
– 6pm to Midnight TAPS (35 pt SR2012 7 min turns)
– 6pm to Midnight OPEN GAMING
– Game Room closes at Midnight

– 9am to 3pm THE GIBBET! (Random Battlebox Event, only those who do NOT qualify for THE CRUCIBLE event, and the boxes are supplied)
– 10am to 3pm THE CRUCIBLE (The big finale!)
– 35 pt SR2012 7 min turns
– 3 Casters (1 list each) must be used once each.
– 4 Rounds

More info can be found here –

Now thats a pretty substantial tournament if you think about it. I have never paid much attention to the other con/tourny’s because, well, I will probably never go to then haha.

But this one seems pretty awesome honestly. I am rather surprised every event is a 35 point event though (And one 25 point) because most events that happen here in Orlando tend to be 50 points. So that surprises me honestly.

Me and Dan are planning on trying to go up and hang out and maybe get a few casual games in. Its the first of its kind down here, its first year in existance, and I want to support it.

Its this Friday (the 10th) to Sunday (the 12th).

I will report on it while I am there as well!


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