Learning my Cryx (I suck at Dirty Tricks)

Hey my title rhymes! So, I realized my issue playing my Cryx thus far: I did what I should not have done and thats jump beyond the battlebox quickly. I find myself trying to figure out what I should be doing with all my bits, and even thinking about it in theory is confusing me.

Arc nodes are very new to me you see.

That and the idea of speed, casting ability, and denial is all new to me. I mean I used to play pButcher! All he did was walk up and hit things. Playing pDenny or pGaspy is WAY WAY different. And its hard to wrap my head around.

I should stick to small 15 point games.

Is pGaspy a good caster for a newbie Cryx player? He seems a bit too general for me to really get a grip on. I wanted that, but now I am not sure I can handle it.

I do like the Bloodgorgers though. I like guys with gang who get up to MAT 8 PS 13 with 2 attacks, and can shoot forward 10 inches on a charge vs living (HI HORDES!). But I think pDenny would support them better then pGaspy honestly. She can debuff things HARD, but pGaspy doesn’t really do much unless I can get Parasite on something.

I did consider pSkarre though. Her feat would be BRUTAL with them. And they would be a good target for the “Skarre Bomb” at ARM 15 base. Maybe I should proxy her at 15 points. Something like this? (use pDenny for Skarre)

Pirate Queen Skarre
– Deathripper
– Reaper
– Skarlock Thrall
6 Bloodgorgers
Gerlak Slaughterborn

Would that work at a low point level? I feel kind of bad having to possibly Sac my Bloodgorgers for either Focus or a Bomb, but they would be there if need be. I also get a decent heavy in the Reaper, my Skarlock to cast my Ritual Sacrifice, and I have an Arc Node just in case (and both my jacks have Sustained Attack!)

Does the focus you gain from Ritual Sacrifice stay if you don’t use it all or do you always reset to normal max focus at the start of your turn? I assume it stays during your opponents turn.

Should I try pSkarre, or should I stick to a 15 point pDenny list to get the hang of her?


8 thoughts on “Learning my Cryx (I suck at Dirty Tricks)

  1. Owen

    pGaspy FTW. He’a a straightforward ‘caster who can get the job done. I’ve had great success with him. I like pSkarre too, but you need models to sacrifice for two of her better abilities. She may be more suited to 25pts+. pGoreshade is great at 15pts, but his feat is borderline broken at that point level.



  2. I third all this talk about the Iron Lich as a learning caster, especially if you’re coming from Khador. Compared to the Warwitch he’s very straightforward – no debuffs, no ghostliness, just several different ways to hurt you.

    Stick with the list you have. Play the Iron Lich upside down and inside out. The Warwitch is a very different animal; arguably more Cryxian, but harder I think to get a handle on because she doesn’t do all that much herself.

    The Pirate Queen, meanwhile, I’d suggest holding off on. I find she has more bad matchups than any of the others; all that she enables is ‘run forward and hit things’ (and an inaccurate, inefficient spell assassination) and that’s too easily denied in the modern game. Anything that controls the board upsets her, any board with too much terrain frustrates her, and while you can manage those things with some careful list building, it’s not necessarily easy.


  3. I’d actually disagree with the other commenters regarding Gorgers/pSkarre at 15pts. 3 Gorgers under pSkarre’s feat are bring 6 P+S 18 attacks vs a heavy, with 3 boosted from charges. They can wreck anything on that turn, even after taking a couple of casualties.

    Gerlack’s of limited use at that level (though at any higher level he’s a monster with pSkarre’s feat and Dark Guidance) I’d drop him for some Scrap Thralls (for Ritual Sacrifice) and a Warwitch Siren.

    Gorgers are also fairly brutal with Gaspy (who I reckon is a great caster for learning Cryx due to his flexibility) – Parasite the target and Scything touch the Gorgers and again you’re sporting functionally P+S 18 attacks. And all told, he’s probably a better caster to learn the faction with that pSkarre (as much as I love her).


  4. MJ;-)

    Agree on the infantry at 15 point thing. I’d get used to the Mangled Metal side of things first, particularly the synergy between a Warcaster and his/her Arc Nodes.

    If you do want to do some infantry at low points (maybe after a good half-dozen Mangled Metal games), depending on who you play and if they are amenable, a good low-point game format is what we call 1-1-1-1 (some folks call that Highlander, our meta’s “Highlander” is 1 ‘Caster/’Lock and 1 ‘Jack/’Beast).

    1-1-1-1 Format
    18 points
    1 Warcaster/Warlock
    1 Warjack/Warbeast
    1 Min Unit, NO UA or WA
    1 Solo*
    * Hordes players may take a Light or Lesser warbeast instead of a Solo to balance the Fury mechanic

    As for pAsphyxious, I think he’s a great beginner caster. He doesn’t have the debuffs that Deneghra has, but then again, neither does pSkarre. :)

    Asphyxious has a good feat, a good spell list with two good offensive damage spells (for the Skarlock), *can* debuff via Parasite, and on top of all that, Sustained Attack w/ Reach and PS 15 (and a feat that will give him up to 7 bonus focus – heavy Khador jack’s rarely survive a charge + Feat from Asphyxious with upwards of 13 auto-hit attacks plus the one “near auto hit” first attack). I’ve assassinated many an opposing Warcaster/Warlock w/ a charge plus feat – even taking a free strike on the way in from time to time.


  5. You should not be thinking about infantry at 15 points, mostly because you will likely not face much of it from your opponent, and whatever warjacks/warbeasts are on the table will handle the Bloodgorgers with ease.


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