Randomness is Fun! As are PODCASTS

Another day, another random ass post. I don’t even know what I am going to talk about. I mean there was ALOT of news last night but..everyone and their brother already discussed it! So while I will mention it, I won’t really give it much time.

Crxy Spiderjack Box Set – Awesome
Hordes Plastic Warpacks – EVEN MORE AWESOME (Lookin at you TROLLS and SKORNE)


There, I said my piece about them.

So Saturday on my new twitter account (@LichLordClay) I will be reporting from the Crucible for the afternoon things, as I have go in the morning for an oil change. I might even play a few small 15 point games with that pGaspy list I discussed in my last post in the comments.

Here is the list in question:

– Slayer
– Reaper
– 2x Deathripper

I really wish I had Nightwretch’s instead of the Deathripper’s though. That way I could actually shoot things instead of having to just have 2 arc nodes that I DONT want in melee. I might proxy em to try out the Nightwretchs.

I want to talk Podcasts for a minute.

I have now listened to 3 podcasts (or episodes from 3) and wanted to mention my thoughts on em.

Chain Attack – My favorite of the 3. I love their style, their humor is not forced at all and they seem very unbiased. I have learned quite a bit from the various battle reports. I have listend to EVERY episode thus far. And I also drink the Cygnar Haterade.

Lost Hemisphere Radio – I am not a fan honestly. I listend to about 4 episodes, and found that the humor seems really forced (And not funny really to me). Because of this, I cannot enjoy the podcast. I still like the blog, but thats about it. Oh and their intro is STUPID loud. I had to turn my volume down when it came on, then back UP to hear em.

Elite Cadre – I find this one somewhere between Chain Attack and Lost Hemisphere. Despite chatting with one of the hosts frequently (HI KURT) I still find a few things messed up. The intro music is a tad loud to me, but not like the LHR stuff. I think there is a bit too much dead air sometimes in the early stuff, but so far (I am on Ep 6 as I write this) it seems to have gotten better. I do like the tourny reports! I will continue to listen to this one.

I think next I am gonna check out Guts and Gears and Focus and Fury.

Oh and I did have a question for my Cryxian friends!

How would Dark Guidance and pSkarre’s feat work with a Stalker, since it has Extended Control range?


4 thoughts on “Randomness is Fun! As are PODCASTS

  1. Jay@chainattack

    You would gain the benefit of the feat and dark guidance with a stalker. The errata makes spells and feats go to the extended control area.


    1. Clayton

      Because I did it for Trevor: *holyshititsJayfromchainattack!* /fanboymoment

      Now I just need Scott to comment and I will have the trifecta!

      ANYWAY. Sounds like a stalker or two would be a good choice with pSkarre. However, how do you measure its effective control area without being kinda cheaty?


  2. S’okay, Clayton, we think your intro music is way too loud too ;)

    In all seriousness, not every podcast is for every audience. That’s one of the major plusses about having so many out there right now – if one doesn’t appeal, there’s likely another that’s more your speed.

    Happy listening!


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