Tomorrow, The Crucible!

Sadly I won’t be a part of the tournaments themselves, but I am going to be going, taking pictures, and getting an interview with the 2 man team who are behind this. So on Sunday I hope to have a huge post with pictures and that audio interview posted here.

I might even have a video instead of the audio.

Which would you all prefer: Video or just Audio, with a photo gallery?

I am really quite stoked to be going. The first of its kinda down here in the South East. All the cool stuff happens up north here in the states (grumble grumble). Am I bitter? Noooo never that >.>

Blood fancy northerners! I will get you my pretties! AND YOUR LITTLE JACKS TOO!

In other news: Owen of Far Far Away has surprised me. If you remember a while back he came all the way here on Vacation, and spent a day playing Warmachine using a set of Campaign rules created by him, called the Scourge Bringer.

Lo and Behold I have discovered he has KEPT GOING with that storyline! I am rather chuffed that I was part of the start of that.

Tomorrow the adventure begins! Hope you all stay tuned!


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