Photodump: The Crucible

So Saturday me and Dan went to support the new tournament / convention that just started up down here, called The Crucible. While we were not participants in the event (sadly) we did get our own game in towards the evening, and got to watch alot of dice get tossed and people crushed. The winner of the event (which I have no idea yet who won) gets to pick an entire professionally painted 35 point army of their choosing. Basically they get to pick caster, jacks, units, solos, everything they want just the way they want it, and get to pick a scheme.

So whomever came out on top today is gonna be a happy person!

The event itself was well run, and very organized. There was little confusion that I could see when rounds changed, and they even had 2 different tournaments running at the same time, and was able to keep them organized. Another cool thing was that even the people who lost their matches got a raffle ticket, and those were called periodically throughout the day to win prizes, such as Plastic Jack Kits, decorative bases, and even Portable Warfare Army Transports. I happen to use the APC for my Cryx, works great.

I had Dan taking pictures with his phone’s camera, as my camera was unable to be found. They are not the best, and he didn’t get alot that came out, but here is what he did get.

For me and Dan we played 15 points Cryx vs Circle. I took the following:

– Reaper
– Slayer
– 2x Deathripper

Dan took the following:

Kromac the Ravenous
– Gnarlhorn Satyr
– Gorax
– Argus
– Shifting Stones with Stone Keeper UA

Dan actually managed to eventually destroy all my jacks, and he was left at that point with just a Gorax and Kromac. But he made a fatal mistake. He didn’t pay attention to the fact that the Gorax had only 7 boxes left, and he also ignored the fact that on his last turn he had put Kromac with his back arc facing Gaspy.

So I got my 7 focus, and charged Kromac in the back arc, boosted my charge attacks hit roll, hit, and then began to saw him. I was left with 4 focus by the time I murdered Kromac. And you know what? I think I am starting to get the hang of Cryx!

Still wish I had 2 Nightwretches instead of Deathrippers though. The guns would have been more useful I think.


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