Gamer ADD – Looking for Game

As anyone who follows this blog knows by now is that I have Gamer ADD. I like to play games, a variety of em in fact. I prefer more options for when I am in the mood to game.

So lately I have been looking for a small scale Skirmish game. I don’t really consider Warmachine/Hordes as a “Skirmish” game anymore, as most people play at a level that has 15-40 miniatures per side. Its really more of a small army wargame to me. Kinda between a true Skirmish (5-10 minis) game and a large scale (50+ minis) game.

The problem I have is that any game I find has to appeal to both my sensibilities, and my gaming pal Dan as he is the only opponent I really have for anything outside of Warhammer (the Warmachine community right now is really small, and no store really focuses on anything but Warhammer around here at the moment. That will change once the Armadillo is back open I think.)

One game that caught my eye was Warcanto but it appears that Dwarf Tales has gone under as both website for that game are gone, and their twitter is dead. Rather sad, I liked the sound of it.

Of course I tried to design my own system and while it works, its very easy to break (Opposition). Further, no one seemed interested in it when I brought it out so I couldn’t get any help testing the darn thing haha.

Found one called Twilight but Dan noticed that its all Lizard People and is not interested. Can’t say I blame him either. All lizards? Booooring.

There is of course Brushfire, which is a game made by folks here in Florida. Focuses on Historical combat, but with Animals instead of human beings. I got a demo game in and it was…odd. All I can remember is that there was a character and unit that could JUMP 20+ inches in a turn, farther then most guns could fire. Basically lancers from the Final Fantasy games.

Another one is Hell Dorado, but that thing is in french apparently with an english translation and is based around fighting IN hell? Weird.

Then there are the Warhammer ones, Mordhiem and Necromunda. Dan apparently seems (surprisingly) interested in the fantasy one, Mordhiem. But not by much.

Finally there is Pulp City which is a super hero based system.

No idea what to do where to go or what to choose. Bah!


5 thoughts on “Gamer ADD – Looking for Game

  1. We share the ADD (or Gamer Distraction Syndrome) problem. I am currently suffering from a “try-’em-all” outlook to skirmish games. Here is what is being played locally right now:
    Malifaux – my favourite miniatures game, interest in this beauty has resurfaced and we are playing it every week.
    MERCS – interesting, mildly popular.
    Infinity – interesting, more popular.
    Blood Bowl – currently a league is being played.
    Freebooter’s Fate – cool, just starting it out.

    Of these, I play Malifaux and Freebooter’s Fate. I strongly suggest Malifaux: awesome themes, great gameplay, easy cost.

    Some games I am going to be playing in the near future:
    Dark Age Apocalypse
    Urban War


  2. Well, if you are looking for something that is going to have a larger base, you should pop in to your preferred store and see what THEY CAN GET A HOLD OF.

    Right now, MERCS is making some pretty big waves and just released some new starters.

    Helldorado is an excellent and easy to get game. We have a wholesaler in the local area who distributes the product. The rule book that has been recently released is not a translation. This game is also really inexpensive to get in on.

    As was mentioned above, Inifnity is an excellent game, but there are a few hurdles. The rules are a translation and all of the clever language that makes something like a rule book interesting to read is absent, so the book is a tough read. The fluff is really bad(but this might also be a translation deal) and the game actually can get of there in price depending on what
    force you want to build.

    On the positive, there is already a small community that have armies and are usually interested in playing including Adam, Miles, Ryan and myself.

    All of the GW specialist games have somewhat of a following in the Central Florida area. Those have the added perk of free rules and the ability to use
    minis from most of GWs main lines if you so choose.

    If you want something more for just you and Dan take a look at Warlord(reaper), Cav(Reaper), Legends of the Old West(Warhammer Historical), Legends of the High Seas(Warhammer Historical), or AE WWII(Darkson Designs). Those are all excellent games.


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