Holy Hell, Updates Away!

I know I know its been a while. Like, 3 weeks or so since I last updated? I have not had a single chance to play Warmahordes in all that time sadly.

Truth be told, the warmachine groups around here have dried up, or rather, where I moved!

Thats right, I moved at the end of February. And thats the MAIN reason I have not posted. That and…Mass Effect 3. I LOVE MASS EFFECT 3. I am on my second playthrough point of fact (I lost my old ME2 save though, had to download one from http://www.masseffectsaves.com, thanks guys!)

Let me talk about ME3’s biggest controversy. The ending. I did not mind it. It was not what I would have hoped BUT I did actually understand it. I would however like to see it expanded. The ranting and raving from people who feel entitled to a different ending is grating on my nerves. I get it, you are unhappy. I really do.

But using a charity to try to force Bioware to change things? Doing complaints against Bioware with the BBB / FTC for FALSE ADVERTISING?! Seriously. If you have not read the news stories do a search on google. ITS INSANE. The things these people are doing make me ashamed to be a gamer.

Bloody hell, stupid whiners.

In Warmahordes news: Gonna try to reinstall Vassal and start trying to get some games in.

Also decided I am gonna pick up some primer, paints, and Venethrax. Given the mix of dudes I have, Venethrax seems to be the best option for me. That and he plays like BUTCHER!

To put it in terms from Scott of Chain Attack, “Upkeep Dragon Slayer, Camp Focus, RUN STRAIGHT AT EM!” It sounds like my kind of fun haha. ARM 24? YES PLEASE.

15 Point Venethrax List:

– Slayer
– Reaper
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Min Bloodgorgers

Lots of models at a low point game. And it lets Venethrax either camp or give a bit of Focus to the 2 heavies. I really want Mortenebra, but I don’t have the jacks to support her.

And I gotta call Blizzard it seems. For some reason my WoW Account cannot sign up for the Annual Pass, but the email support won’t give me a reason. This pisses me off. My wife was fine, signed up, but me? Nope can’t do it.

Fun times >.>