Why bother painting indeed…u

EDIT: For those curious here is the post where I put the ENTIRE Finished army of Trolls (from 2 years ago)

I have not posted in a long while mainly because I have not felt the need to. No major updates on my end, no games played, nothing.

But today I got 2 comments on a VERY old post of mine, and I have to share them. Because this attitude is, well, here. And no, I am not gonna hide the bastards email address. Cause fuck him.

Comment 1:

New comment on your post “Trollkin Champions”
Author : A Concerned Viewer
E-mail : matchnl@outgun.com
Whois :
Seriously? You consider these finished models?

There’s no detail whatsoever with these. It’s like you base-coated them black and then put on a single gloss coat, using 3 colors at best.

No dry-brushing, no accenting the armor, no attention paid to little things like the bolts on your axes. Nope, silver. Everything silver. Oh that’s skin? Ok, Cygnar Blue!

C’mon man, spend a little more than 5 minutes painting a model. It should take you a day PER MODEL to consider this being ‘tabletop worthy’.

Comment 2:

New comment on your post “Trollkin Champions”
Author : A Concerned Viewer
E-mail : matchnl@outgun.com
Whois :
And yes, I know you were trying to speed-paint to meet a deadline… but if they all turn out like this, why bother?

You can see all comments on this post here:

So lets start by reading this. Now if you remember these are some of my VERY first painted models. I still, to this day, have painted NOTHING since those trolls.

And here comes this son of a bitch telling me I did it completely wrong and it should take me 1 whole day per model (seriously, for table top quality? What are you STONED?). My friend can do a model better then my by a long shot, gets compliments on it, and does it in an hour or two. Fuck your stupid ass high standards you dirty motherfucker.

Maybe its because I had to spend 4 hours yesterday at a mechanic and spend $130, plus miss a day of work. Maybe its the stupid ass argument I had with my wife this morning. Maybe its the fact that my upper right wisdom tooth is becoming impacted and causing massive amounts of pain, but I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS.

I put a lot of effort into those trolls and I was proud of them. And its shit like this that makes me not want to bother painting.

Honestly, I know I suck at painting but give me CONSTRUCTIVE critism instead of saying “if they all turn out like this, why bother?”. Why bother? BECAUSE I CANT BETTER IF I DONT TRY YOU STUPID FUCKER.

Go stick a goddamn cactus fill of rusty nails your ass you stupid fuck. I don’t care how many people get pissed off at my little tirade here, I don’t care how immature this sounds.

This sort of comment is indicitive of a problem that needs to be address. If he had come here and said something like “Not bad for a first try, but you should learn how to do highlighting and drybrushing as that will really improve the quality of your minis” I would have been fine.

Thats constructive.

This…this is just demeaning. And I had, when I had those trolls, faced similar hecking and mocking of my efforts at the LGS I went to. Its never good enough unless its up to THEIR standards. And if they are not painted? Same issue. Its either “PAINT TO MY STANDARD OR DONT PLAY” it seems.

And ya know what?


I am done posting about wargaming, I am done with the “community”. Just. Done. Oh I will still play. But pretty much ONLY with people I know.


Thats right. I am going to REFUSE to paint or have my minis painted now. Fuck painting em. GREY AND METAL FOR ME BABY. You asked “Why Bother?” in your comment?

Why bother indeed. Good question. I won’t bother. Happy?


15 thoughts on “Why bother painting indeed…u

  1. jagavahn

    Dude. Don’t look for the approval of strangers and then fly off the handle at what they say.

    If you are going to post things on the web, you need to have a thicker skin about it.

    Now, very few of us hobbyists could honestly say that we produced anything of substance on our first few models. I know the stuff that I painted initially were some of the worst painted models that I have ever seen.

    Stop caring so much about others opinions. If you are happy with what you are doing, fuck ’em. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like what you are doing.

    It’s also really stupid to let someone else’s reaction stop you from doing something you like. You were proud of those models and enjoyed painting them. Continue enjoying the painting and you will get better.

    Opinions only matter, if you let them. In fact, the only opinions I take to heart are my mom and the man who signs my paycheck(who, at the moment, is me).


  2. Some people just enjoy putting others down… I find it to be a waste of time really. I would rather give help, cause it takes the same amount of time, if not less.

    I say the models you painted were fine. You weren’t bragging about them being masterful painted, so I do not see the issue. The guy obviously hates himself too much if he takes the time to make comments like that. Just relax. Hell I say, paint all your models like that to spite him!

    No really, some pointers I would give is base them. No matter how good the model is painted, it always looks better based. My second pointer is to keep on painting, no matter how “bad” you think you are painting. Put on a podcast and paint away, especially the models you like the best and use the most. That makes it more rewarding.

    Anyways, best wishes!


  3. I found “wash”… it was like finding Jesus. Put two or three colors on a model then apply Devlan Mud wash with a brush half the size of the model itself and you’re done. You can paint 10 guys in one evening and have them look just fine.


  4. Jason

    There’s nothing wrong with those paint jobs. The idea that you would need to spend more than an hour per figure to get to wargaming standard is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. I do have to rag on you a little for not painting anything for the last two years (if I read that right).


    1. Clayton

      Yup nothing in 2 years haha. Got discouraged after painting those and having people tell me to my face they were terrible. So I just never bothered again. Thats part of why I blew up here.


      1. Jason

        Personally, I dislike the blue troll look in general, even when professionals do it. I like them better when people use alternate color schemes.


  5. Razcalking

    Look, a lot people are jerks. If you put things up on the internet for public discussion, there’s bound to be at least one that will comment. Paint more, improve, enjoy the hobby, but don’t put things on a public blog unless you’ve got very, very thick skin.


    1. Clayton

      Normally I wouldn’t be bothered, but that was the icing on my cake of pain and suffering yesterday and it just triggered a very visceral response.


  6. Dan

    Pffft. The internet!

    You know some people are out to boost their relevance to the world where everything else has failed, even if it means trying to harm someone else’s.

    Concerned Poster exhibits behavior I know well; don’t cave into it.


  7. Tim

    Dude, don’t give up on wargaming because of some a-hole messageboarding ya. Life sucks from time to time. Case in point, my wife just got in a card accident yesterday and got hit with a $165 ticket, $115 second ticket for not having registration on her, and then the car fixing fees, and the cost to take the damn driving class. So fun month for me as well.

    Cause I think you live in Orlando, and I’ve read your blog before, if you ever want to get a game in hit me up. I’ve been playing at Phoenix Games since the Armadillo shut down. I think it’s near your new place/West Orlando. We’re starting a journeyman league there next week, if you want in on that. But if not, I’m down for a game anytime.

    Shoot me an email, and I can give ya my number if you ever want to play. And my minis will give you faith that yours aren’t so bad. :-) We all gotta start somewhere.

    Nothing relieves stress like gaming it out, so hit me up some time man. I’ve got some steam to blow off as well.


    1. Clayton

      FYI Never said I was giving up on Wargaming as a whole, but painting? I am seriously considering it now >.> But I may change my mind. Maybe.


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