Nerdapalooza: Day 1 Thoughts

I figured I would write this for those who are curious (ie NO ONE) on what happened on day 1! I got there with Brou around 2pm or so, in time to see Sci Fried.

Not a bad act but I am not into Nerdrap / Nerdcore. Hung around the place for a bit. The Beacham was nice.

Next was Dual Core. Again, Nerdcore stuff. Not my thing, and I could barely understand a word coming out of these guys mouths. The sound in that place was a it seemed. The beats were nice though.

After Dual Core came The Random Encounter and Descendants of Erdrick Power Hour! These guys fucking rocked the house. I have been interested in Random Encounter since I saw em at the haven. I would say that they and Metroid Metal were the best acts last night. I was also impressed by Descendents of Erdrick. The lead guitarist of that group is this ultra tiny girl and good god can she shred!

Next came The Megas, playing stuff from their new album. I don’t who or what happened with the sound, but it was next to impossible for me to understand the vocals.  Or the keytar.  Or some guitar parts.  It was very very muddled.  I also realized why I was never much a fan of the vocals of this band.

EVERYONE IN THE BLOODY BAND SINGS!  You do not need 4 fucking vocalists holy hell.

After this, me and Dan went outside for a break, and I ran into Wily. Who, once I told him I was Stomphoof, actually knew who the fuck I was. We chatted about some ideas of his, which I agree with, and he ended up getting a picture with me, him, Frankling the Turtle, and I THINK Dylan. Pretty sure Brou is there. Not sure if Dylan was in on the pic.

No idea if and when Wily will post that so all can see my DERP Face.

After the picture Wily invited me and Brou to attend an, and I quote, “Epic Beer Pong Tourney” that evening after show ended, with Metroid Metal. After some thought I found the man again before Metroid Metal went on stage and said “Sure we are in.”

So Metroid Metal. HOLY SHIT Those guys rock the damn house. A mosh pit got started at several points, which I stayed out of (I was not in the mood) but god damn. This was my first time seeing OR hearing of these guys and I was very very impressed.

After them came the Protomen, and it was a solid act. They did an encore which SOUNDED like something involving Mega Man that was not on either of their albums but I am not sure as we left at this point. We had a beer pong tourny to attend. Well Brou did, as I was driving haha.

We went to the location we were told to go, and instead of meeting Wily WITH Metroid Metal, we ran into, well, Metroid Metal. And one of the guys from ArmCannon (not the one who is also in Metroid Metal, one of the other ones haha).

After having them repeatedly ask “Who the fuck we were” I finally got them to realize I was an acquaintance of Dr Wily. It did not help that I HAVE NO IDEA OF WILYS REAL NAME lol. I know Franklin the Turtle’s real name now haha. But not Wily lol. After that me and Brou hung out with em for like an hour and a half just chatting and shit. It was pretty cool I must admit.

And of course, at no point, did Wily show. THANKS MAN. I WILL REMEMBER THIS.

The Beer Pong thing ended up happening but sweet jeebus was the room in that hotel fucking small. After about 30 minutes in there of them trying to set up (and about 20 fucking people in this tiny ass room) me and Brou excused ourselves and headed out.

Yesterday was FUCKING SWEET.

Now lets see if the NESkimos can show these bitches how to REALLY rock!


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