Nerdapalooza Day 2 (or “How do we make this better? Like This!”)

I am aware this is like a week late. Sue me I have been lazy as hell!

This time me and Brou were meeting a fellow NESkimite Nameless! He was gonna show up at 4, and me and Brou decided to get there early to see a bit of Danimal Cannon’s act. Danimal is Dan, who is also one of the guys in Metroid Metal which we had met and chilled with the night before.

Upon arrival, we caught a glimpse of a band called “Beebs and Her Money Makers.” I did not enjoy what I heard.

We had to go over to the Social from the Beacham to see Danimal, and when we got there we ran into the guy from Arm Cannon we had met the night before, as well as 3 of the members of Random Encounter (the 2 guitarists and the bassist) and the bass player from Metroid Metal!

We sat there shooting the shit with em as we waited for Danimal. Another band / act I have never heard of…

The dude used a fucking GAMEBOY to play techno sounding music, while playing his fucking guitar over top of it. IT WAS EPIC AND AMAZING. But we had to leave 10 minutes after the performance start to meet Nameless. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY SACRIFICE NAMELESS.

Met Nameless at the parking garage and we made it back in time to see Brentalfloss and the Cartridge Family. Another band I have never seen. I was amused when I realized that the guys from Descendants of Erdrick were Brentalfloss’s backing bad. Turns out, Brentalfloss is amazingly funny and talented and I enjoyed every minute of his performance.

Day 2 was shaping up to be better then Day 1 was!

Next up, NO MORE KINGS. A band I specifically wanted to see! The performance was amazing, however the sound issues popped back up and made the vocal parts very hard to hear. But I got to hear all my favs. Leeroy and Me, Critical Hit, Sweep the Leg, Circle Gets the Square, ect.

I ran into Bruce from the NESkimos while I was wandering around after No More Kings, as the NESkimos were up next. He remembered me apparently, and when I asked if he was ready all he said was Fuck yea!

Me, Nameless, Dan, and Nameless’s (girlfriend? Friend?) got front row right up on the barricade seats as it were and watched the NESkimos setup.

I must say, the bass drum on Mario’s drums is hilarious. Satanic YOSHI! Dylans bass up close was really nice as well.

Finally…what I had been waiting for…the NESkimos. The crowd that filled in was jam fucking packed as well.

I am sure you all watched online…but let me tell ya. Seeing it live was something to behold. I want to see more now. The fucking wall of pure sound and metal was epic. I also was really impressed with the clarity of the instruments. It seemed like the NESkimos had avoided the sound problems everyone else was having that weekend, with the vocal parts being clear and easy to understand (and I got to hear Norfair Tenement Blues, FUCK YEA). Bruce is an excellent guitar player as well, and Dylan is a monster on that bass.

Overall, if I had to rank the bands from the 2 days it would be (in order from best to worst)

Neskimos / Random Encounter (tied)
Danimal Armcannon
Metroid Metal
Descendants of Erdrick
No More Kings
The Megas / Sci Fried (tied)
Dual Core
Beebs and Her Money Makers

Overall the entire weekend was amazing. I got to meet several artists, hang out with friends, make a few new ones and hear a whole lot of badass music.

I am sad however that the weekend had to end. I now must wait to see more nerd rock, as there are no major video game nerd events here in Orlando other then this. And I gotta wait a whole blood year.


Oh and for fun? Check out this photo. Its got me, my buddy dan, and 3 of the members of the NESkimos (Wily, Dylan, and Bruce). Good times man. Good times.


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