My Online Education Experiment

I recently read an article (here – that indicated that online education will never overtake a traditional college education in terms of worth to employers and in fact may harm a person’s chances of getting a job.
He cites a few examples of why a traditional is better (the one that bothers me the most being the implication that you only deserve a good paying job if you spent money getting to that job in the first place) but overall it seems almost like a person grasping at something they do not fully understand.
I myself have been heavily interested in an Online Education.  I tried it, once, about 2 years ago but due to the stress of certain changes in my job, coupled with my ADHD, I found myself unable to focus.  It did not help that the courses were completely uninteresting and I found the job prospects, while plentiful, to be utterly boring to me.  It was Industrial Engineering for those curious, look it up.
Recently however, within the last month in fact, I came upon 2 very important and distinct websites/communities.  Those are Udacity and Khan Academy.  Their focus?  To bring learning and higher education to the masses, at no cost.  This very focus intrigued me.  I would not be barred from a form of learning based on my income?  I could learn at my own pace, on my own time, when I needed to and could?  No penalties?  No restrictions?
And no degree.
That is the one negative.  And it’s a big one…or is it?
In the case of Khan Academy it could be as they offer nothing but learning and knowledge.  Which is fine in and of itself.  But Udacity offers one more thing: Job opportunities.  That’s right, if you do well enough in the classes and have a resume uploaded they are willing to pass that resume on to employers.  Its like a college and a headhunting agency rolled into one.
So I am going to go for it.  I had signed up on Udacity about a month ago for their CS101 class “Building a Search Engine” but have yet to start.  So I am going to.  I am going to do all the entry level stuff I can then move on to the next set.  I am going to aim to complete as many of the courses as I can with the best grade possible.
And we are going to see what happens.

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