Random Encounter at Zombietoberfest 2012: A Review

So on Saturday night I got to see Random Encounter perform at Zombietoberfest 2012, in Winter Park. I wanted to do a sort of brief overview of the performance and some of the more notable bits, as the night is hazy now after the fact, and to top it off the performance was a bit overshadowed by my meeting the band in person and hanging out with them afterwards. Let me say this: They are awesome people. Even Rook, who seems to be very very shy haha. Can’t be easy being a good looking female nerd / rock star though so I get why. But I digress.

So lets talk about the venue first. It was a parking lot. No, seriously. It was a parking lot outside of a store called Park Avenue CD’s, and had a small raised platform for the drum set.

And it was awesome.

I think having them perform in such a way really had the group connect with the audience. No barricade, no drop, nothing. Careless was able to wander around the area the crowd left open freely, and at one point even weaved through the crowd. It was sweet.

However, the entire performance was plagued by technical issues, as seems to be the norm for these sort of bands (RE, The Megas, No More Kings, ect) or these sort of locations / shows. There was also a non technical issue that bothered me personally as a fan.

The biggest technical ones were as follows:

Rook’s transmitter flying off during a moment of spirited bouncing. The whole band was bouncing and they were using wireless transmitters rather then cables. Rooks went flying off and smashed against the pavement, causing her bass to cut out. They got it fixed and kept going.

Careless’s mic going out of transmission ranged during “72 Hours”. He was weaving through the crowd and got too far away, and his mic went to fuzzing and static. He got it back under pretty quick.

The strange volume changes. During the songs, seemingly at random and with no purpose, the volume levels of the various parts would change. One minute you could barely hear the accordion or the singing, next minute it was drowning everything out for example. No one was touching the controls, I know cause I could clearly see the mixing board. No clue.

And now the non technical snafu that peeved me. The band’s set got cut short, through no fault of their own. The band prior to RE going on went over by about 10 minutes. RE was thus forced to wait for them to finish before starting their set, and on top of that, were forced to end early to make up time for the rest of the acts. I understand the need to get back on schedule, I just don’t like how it was handled (yes, I am bitter that the band I came to see got cut short, I CAN BE THAT WAY KTHNX!)

Now on to the good stuff. First, the entire band were in costumes of a sort.

Careless was one of the Splicers from Bioshock. Really solid costume although the poor guy was sweating hard by the end of the night.

Moose was…a green guy? Seriously he was in a green body suit and apparently could not see anything out of it. He did his drumming via muscle memory.

Kit was a Guitar Samurai (least that is what I am calling it). All he had was a samurai helmet. Apparently he used to have a full on suit of armor but couldn’t find it.

Rook was…Tank Girl I think. Or just an undead punk / military chick. She had a military helmet, short pants, stockings, and some face paint / makeup.

Konami was the one that was the hardest for me to pin down. Turns out he was doing a Fallout Enemy, one of the Raiders. At first I thought he was trying to be a demonic welder (he had a welding mask and coveralls) but Careless told me what his intent was. He didn’t have nearly enough leather or spiky bits haha.

Overall the costumes were great and fit the theme of the whole event, which appeared to be a “Pre Halloween” party.

Song wise, I got to hear a few of the ones I really like: Gerudo Valley, 72 Hours, and Big Blue. Heart of Fire as well, which is an excellent song. They also did Swamp Witch which is a new one, but you could barely hear the vocal parts (Again, those tech issues!) During the performances the band did their usual very energetic show with Careless bobbing, spinning, and bouncing around like a jack rabbit, and Konami and Kit shredding hardcore as always.

And then there was what I am calling “Still More Gangnam Style”. They took their song, “Still More Fighting”, and stuck a bit from Oppan Gangnam Style right in the middle. Careless did the dance and at one point got underneath Konami as Konami, well, crotch thrust. Let me tell you something, that shit was HILARIOUS.

Overall the event was awesome. And I got a shirt!

The Shirt

Yea, its sweet.