Finding Treasure at the Dollar Store?


So last night my wife and I were in a Dollar Store (The Dollar Tree to be exact) as we were grabbing a cheap bag for a baby shower gift my wife had purchased at Target.  I of course was bored out of my mind so I decided to wander around and ended up at the discount book shelf.

As always it was full of romance novels, strange crime thrillers, and other things I had zero interest in.

And then I saw the book above.  Railsea, by China Mieville.  Hardback no less.

There was a tag on the front saying $7 but this being a dollar store I had to ask.  So I went up front and sure enough, a buck.

So I snatched it up.  Given that I am getting back into reading a lot more and this being a book I personally have wanted to read, I felt it was destiny.

I mean seriously, what are the odds I would be in a dollar store and find one book that I not only recognize but actually want to read?!

Fun stuff!


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