Another Approval on NetGalley!

This is fascinating to me. Either the authors/publishers are not actually viewing my tiny little blog here…or they are and are deciding to give me a chance based on what little I have talked about. I like to think its the latter, buts its most likely the former haha.  I am under no illusions that I am the new guy on the block here.

I just got approved for Hero Engine by Alexander Nader, published by Booktrope.

The premise of the book sounded interesting so I sent a request. And here we are.

Still working on Deadlands: Ghostwalkers at the moment. 131 out of 418 pages down! I think I can manage to get it done by Monday and have a review up. The whole weekend is open to me, and I aim to use it!

I have only been denied 1 request so far, and honestly I am unsurprised. It was for the UK Version of Shadows of Self and I had requested it without realizing that I sorta kinda had to be in the UK to get it. Obviously, being in Orlando Florida, I am not.

So upcoming reviews, in addition to ones I have queued to go up (yes I do that) are in order:

  • Deadlands: Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry
  • The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes
  • Mystic (Preview Excerpt) by Jason Denzel
  • The Banished of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler
  • Frivolous Pursuits by DC Farmer
  • Hero Engine by Alexander Nader

Lets have some fun with this shall we?


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