Finding my Blogging Footing

So right now my planned update schedule is at least one post a week.  But honestly I am unsure if that’s enough.

Obviously right now I have been posting more often then that, but its more that I have things to say rather then trying to pad things out.

I want to do 2 posts at minimum a week, one a review and the other a sort of opinion piece based on things I see.

Its been a while since I did any “professional” blogging so I am out of practice of course.  Last time I did this was in regards to Warmachine, but thats was several years ago.

Any thoughts folks?


3 thoughts on “Finding my Blogging Footing

  1. I agree with Magini there! You could stick to a minimum of one post per week, and then write as you feel like. I do not have a specific schedule either. There are also some weeks that are busier than others.

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