To Spoil or not to Spoil

That is the question. A Friend of mine who I trust very much (his name is Careless, and he is the frontman of the video game cover bands Careless Juja and until October 3rd when he retires from them Random Encounter) had mentioned that in my Deadlands review I spoiled some bits, and he was not sure I should have.

Honestly, I debated that point myself when I was writing it. I have noticed that my tendancy is to avoid spoilers when possible if I enjoy a work, as I want others to go in with an open and fresh mind and try to experience it without tarnishing their views. But if I do not like something I have a tendancy to point out specifics which usually requires me to spoil things.

I have taken to putting a “Read More” cut now in my reviews with Spoilers to try to help that, but I am curious as to how others feel.

Do you prefer your reviews to be spoiler free? Do you care if something has spoilers? When do you care?


16 thoughts on “To Spoil or not to Spoil

  1. I need to figure out how to do the -read more- thing. Anyways, honestly, I don’t give a crap about spoilers for the most part, BUT I recognize that some people seriously get their unders in a bunch over it, so I ‘prefer’ non-spoiler reviews across the board.

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  2. I try my best to avoid spoilers, and if I am 100% aware I have included things that cannot be found by reading the summary of the book, then I will post a warning: Spoilers ahead.
    There’s always the possibility of splitting your review into two parts and hide the part that contains spoilers under a ‘Read More’ (I actually use the ‘Read More’ to avoid my layout getting cluttered).

    For people who haven’t read the book, it’s much better to read a spoiler free review. I have to admit that most reviews I read are about books I haven’t read yet, and I read the reviews to get an idea if I’d enjoy the book or not.
    ON THE OTHER HAND, sometimes it happens that people read the same book I did, and I actually want to exchange opinions, and ‘What did you think of the ending?’, ‘How about that twist?’ , so yeah, there is that too.

    I think as long as people know what they are going for, it’s absolutely fine:) Whatever you feel like saying, really!

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  3. This is hard, in theory I always want to write a spoiler free review but in practice I want to talk about anything amazing or warn readers about anything that sucks. Goal: to stay spoiler free
    Reality: maybe a small spoiler or two may litter the best and worst.

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  4. I prefer spoiler free reviews of the books that I might some day read :) But if it’s something I don’t intend on reading, I don’t really mind.
    I try to avoid spoilers in my reviews, limit my plot description to about 20% of the book. For some, that might still be much, but that’s what I do and it seems I won’t change it. When I do intend to write a spoiler I simply put a warning. You do too, so I guess it’s fare. Whoever wants it will read it anyway.

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