Banned Book Week – Sept 27 to Oct 3rd 2015: We still ban books? (RANT)

Seriously. This was news to me. Now, first, the article I found thanks to Sci-Fi and Scary, which explains whats going on best is found here. Click the image please for the original article.

So this is a thing. I figured, I hoped, that we had been past this point, as a society. But apparently I was wrong. There are still people out there who think they know, better then us, what we should and should not consume or read or view.

So I decided to take a gander at the Top 10 Challenged Booklist for 2014 and some of the reasons for books being challenged honestly had me laughing.

So first I wanna say that #3, And Tango Makes Three has the stupidest reason I have ever seen. “Promotes the Homosexual Agenda”. SERIOUSLY?! I have no words. None.

Or how about #5, “Its Perfectly Normal”. Sex Education is listed as a reason as is Nudity. Nudity in words folks. Yes, you can’t let me read about breasts or dicks cause heaven forbid it might let my imagination wander wild! Better though is why #4, The Bluest Eye is challenged. Its because “it contains controversial issues”. What. WHAT?! THAT IS SO VAGUE AS TO BE POINTLESS!

How bout “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” at #8? I could have sworn that actually got made into a movie. Oh, wait, I WAS RIGHT. But here we are, the book being challenged because of drugs, smoking, alcohol, homosexuality, offensive language, date rape and masturbation. Hey guys, guess what? That shit happens in the real world! HELL! ITS REFERENCED ON TV BUT I DONT HEAR YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT CRAP! I mean hell THEY MADE IT INTO A MOVIE AND ITS NOT FUCKING BANNED YOU TARDMUFFINS!

One complaint that is nearly constantly referenced is “unsuited for age group”. Who decided that you, whoever you are, are the warden for what is and is not suited for a particular age group. Last I checked the parents of said children should decide what their child can and cannot handle.

I should not have looked at this list. It made me freaking ANGRY.


6 thoughts on “Banned Book Week – Sept 27 to Oct 3rd 2015: We still ban books? (RANT)

  1. To be fair, the same people who make these claims about these books and why they should be banned, are the same people who support that one million moms (or whatever it’s called) group that tries to ban television shows all the time. They try to ban shows for displaying/promoting homosexuality, teens having sex, etc. Honestly, they have too much free time. Imagine if they spent all that energy on helping the homeless or children who are needy?

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  2. I checked the full list of banned Books a year or two ago but it was so ridiculous I’ve decided to ignore the stupidity. Let’s face it – people will read whatever they want anyway in these days. We have freaking Internet!
    And if I had a kid, the Tango book would be a must to read!
    Do you know even Harry Potter is banned?


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