2 Week Update! Yesterday’s views were ODD.

So yesterday, 9/29/15, I had my best day for views on here. Which was awesome. I got a total of 83 views, but only had 16 unique visitors. So that was both awesome and a tad confusing. Which one of you was wandering around clicking on all the things, I wonder.

I will never figure out how the visitors and views are connected, I think. I know that unique visitors is the more important stat. That shows how many unique people have shown up, while views can really be messed with. I mean, hell, views might even include my own visits when I am messing around editing things.

Also, my blog has been around for 2 whole weeks! I opened it up on 9/17/15 and its been 14 days (counting 9/17 as Day 1) since I started. That’s really cool, and I am really getting somewhere I think with all this.

Since starting, I have gotten a grand total of:

Views: 446
Unique Visitors: 139
Likes: 145
Comments: 103
Followers: 41

Also since starting this whole thing my Twitter followers has increased from the 90ish it was to 113. So that’s a thing that’s occurring.

Other little milestones including the Blogger Awards I have been given, as well as the EGalleys I have been approved for. Hell, I got 2 more approvals yesterday: The Prophecy Con and the Paladin Caper, which are books 2 and 3 of the Rogues of the Republic series, which started with the Palace Job. I requested both and got approved for both so that was awesome (on NetGalley)

I am working on reading A Vanishing Glow by Alexis Radcliff right now, which comes out for sale tomorrow, October 1st. This is the first book I have gotten to review where the author came to me rather then the other way around, so that’s exciting as well!

As of today I have reviewed 10 books/previews as well! And that’s across 36 posts (including this one)

I think I am doing pretty well all things considered! And I feel that things can only get better from here.

Now I just need it to be October 6th so I can get Sword of Summer and Shadows of Self! They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine….


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