Alright, time to make some Changes in Review Scheduling!

So, I am still finding my footing and getting the hang of reviewing and whatnot, or rather scheduling.

I have been kinda spammy lately I feel, with multiple posts going up in a given day.  I mean, hell, today this is gonna be post number 3!

I will admit I got this idea from, yet again, Sci Fi and Scary.  She is too darn smart.

So firstly, I am going to create myself a calendar, and post my reviews BASED on said calendar.  I want to do two reviews per week as I think that’s fair.  I am gonna schedule when reviews will post based on when I finish a book.  I think review dates will be Tuesday and Thursdays of each week, starting next week, hopefully with A Vanishing Glow.  I should be done with it by Sunday I think.

The other days during the week (Mon, Wed, and Friday) will be for my other nonsense.

Because of this, I am gonna have to post somewhere my current “Calendar” of reviews for those authors who want me to review their stuff, that way they have an idea of when things are going to post.  I will start doing that once I get done with this current batch of ARCs, including a new one that is coming.  Yup I got another physical ARC coming from an Author, which is awesome.  I will post about it once I get it, obviously.

So I got my calendar setup and…wow I am booked up to November 12th already.  Impressive.  Some are reviews of books I had read a while back and reviewed on Goodreads, and I am just posting here.  As a buffer honestly.  But I will happily move em around to make room as I need to.

I also updated my little review policy to indicate this stuff.  And my tagline.  So much adjustment.


2 thoughts on “Alright, time to make some Changes in Review Scheduling!

  1. When I first started my blog I just posted whenever. But about 6 months ago I decided to stick to a schedule and I feel so much more organised.
    I have a weekly feature on Tuesdays (‘Teaser Tuesday’), a book review on Thursdays, and then Saturday is kind of like a free day that I can post what I feel like – at the moment I’m posting photos from my holiday. I feel better knowing what’s coming up and it helps me organise my reading.
    I hope it works for you too!

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