How do you find Upcoming Releases?

Its been so long since I have been in the reading game, with so many publishers now and so many books and just tons and tons of stuff coming, that I am finding it hard to find out what is coming out that I might be interested in!

I signed up for the Tor mailing list as well as the Random House one, but I am curious: How does anyone really keep up with new and upcoming releases in their preferred genre?

Like, for me its all about fantasy and science fiction.  But I have no idea who the big publishers are anymore for these sort of things, or where to find lists of upcoming titles.  Its oddly easier with video games because I know where to go to find that info.

Anyone want to help a brother book lover out?

I will admit, this post by Cyborg Knight is handy as hell!


7 thoughts on “How do you find Upcoming Releases?

  1. I find GoodReads very useful for tracking upcoming releases. If you create an account, you can mark your reading preferences and once you begin rating books, GoodReads will send you lists of books releases that are related to your GoodReads activities.
    Happy reading! :)


  2. Angry Robot and Hot Key Books both specialise in scifi and fantasy. I’ve signed up to pretty much every major publisher and bookseller’s mailing list possible and. I still find I miss things! But being on Netgalley helps a great deal.

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  3. Amazon and Netgalley actually help me out along the way. Based on what/who I request or buy, they always send me suggestions. But I’m not really big on tracking new releases, so I usually use the recommendation button on Goodreads to find things to read and if it happens to be new, great. If not, oh well.

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  4. I am like Magini, I don’t really track new releases, so I am normally always “late” reading books that everyone has read before, even when it’s a big hype. As long as I get to read them, I am fine with that, but if I want to know what’s new, I normally just sign up for publishers newsletters, like you do. Edelweiss does have catalogs for each year, 2016 included, but as far as I know, they are sorted by Publisher.

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  5. for me answer is simple – I don’t track them :P

    I don’t really care when the books came out. The only moments I check it is when I’m about to publish review of a Netgalley book and I need to know if I’m actually allowed to publish it or if the book will come out in few months.

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