Do you keep your EGalleys after your Review them?

So I have gotten a few books from NetGalley now. Several I enjoyed, and several I most assuredly did not. However, in every case, I find myself deleting the files from my reader rather then keep them. I know that some of them have expiration dates on them (but hell if I know when those dates are, my files never tell me) so that just speeds things up.

Now, the ones I have gotten from Authors I keep in my email for a rainy day, assuming again I like them. They feel more…special to me, I guess. I didn’t ask for them, but rather they asked me and that means a bit more to me.

How about you? Do you keep your EGalleys till they expire or no?


6 thoughts on “Do you keep your EGalleys after your Review them?

  1. As long as you downloaded them to your kindle, they don’t just disappear. You still have them on the account and can resend them to your kindle. The opportunity to read them and review them is archived. So as long as you download them before that date, you can keep them forever.

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  2. I keep them in my Kindle cloud but I usually clear the space on my device for newer books (it just makes it easier all round). I keep some of them on my device if they’re special; if I plan to read them again (one day, when I reach the end of my never-ending TBR list)…

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  3. I keep them all on my Amazon account, I delete them from kindle app. After all there’s just so many books you can have ;) and mobi files can’t have expiration date, so I’m good here.
    The ones with expiration date… well it’s a pity I can’t keep some of these, but I guess there will be others.


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