Just another Music Monday – Music to Read By Vol 1

So I am starting up a fun little thing where on Mondays, each week, I will discuss a particular song or artist that I listen to when I read.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need background noise when I read. Could be my latent ADHD (and I was diagnosed with it back in 1988, before the time when it became a common DX), could be the music lover in me. I have no idea.

But whether its Music or Youtube videos, I need background noises when I read.

So under the cut is going to be a song or two or really in this case five that I like to listen to while I read, and a little bit about them!

The Brotherhood Series, by Jared Dines and Various Artists

Genre: Metal
Artist: Various, but headed by Jared Dines

These five songs are the brainchild of Jared Dines, the frontman for Dissimulator. I found out about him because of some comedy videos he has done such as How to Hold a Microphone for Beginners and other hilarious musician videos.

I may not seem like it but I enjoy some metal, on occasion. What makes these songs fun is the variety of vocal styles. Nevermind that the actual instrumentation is solid. Also the message in the songs is one of togetherness and tolerance. Its a good message. And it gets me AMPED! Personally, number 1 is the weakest of the group, and 3 and 5 are personal favorites.


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