Why I Review

Another interesting question I got at work while in the breakroom was why I write reviews.

I was sitting there, reading another book, and one of my coworkers commented that I have been reading a lot lately.  As far as anyone at work really knows, I am the video games guy.  And to a point that’s true.  I am THE video games person at work.  We have a few others who play but not at the same rate or with the same passion as me.

Apparently that’s becoming the same with reading.  So I told them, point blank, that I had started reading more in order to both see what I had missed in the past years in the way of sci-fi and fantasy, and in order to start sharing my thoughts with others via reviews.

So then I was asked if I got paid to review.  I said no.

Do I have a lot of people reading my reviews?  At this time, I said not really.

Then why do it?  They asked me.

I told them, honestly, two reasons.  Reason one was that I enjoy sharing my opinions about the things I read and see, and experience.  Its why I did restaurant reviews long ago.  Its why I dabbled in game reviews.  But I find that book reviews seem to come easier for me.  I am unsure why.  But I like to share my thoughts on books and how I feel about them, in an effort to maybe expose people to things they might have missed.

The second reason I said, and it was a more selfish reason, was to get more books.  They asked how that worked and I explained the concept of ARCs and NetGalley and they nodded, but still didn’t get it.  I explained that by asking for early copies of books I could read them earlier then others, but the cost was to review the book honestly.

Then they asked again “But you don’t get paid huh.”

No, I answered.

Apparently doing something for free was not something they understood.  I can understand that.  Its an odd thing to do something that takes so much time sometimes and not get any compensation.

But I do get compensation.  I get to share with others what I enjoy, and sometimes I get free stuff.  That’s enough payment for me.


4 thoughts on “Why I Review

  1. This is why I have such a hard time to share my interests & hobbies with people from work and other acquaintances. I feel more ‘understood’ here. I think many would be impressed to know I actually read and play video-games.

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  2. William Spear

    Yeah, people can be strange like that – there’s this prevailing idea that you shouldn’t spend your free time creating if you’re not getting paid for it. It’s just too easy to fall down the well of passive entertainment and stay there, rather than climb out of it and actually make stuff.

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