Just another Music Monday: Volume 2

One of my favorite game systems is the Playstation 1. Its the first one I really connected with, and it started my love of the Japanese RPG.

And one of my Top 3 JRPGs is Chrono Cross. Its better then Trigger (Yes, I said that) and for a variety of reasons.

One of those…is its soundtrack.

When I want to relax and just listen to good music…I queue this up. This is the title theme that I am linking to, specifically, but its ALL GOOD.

Just…listen to it.  And the animation is killer as well.  So good.


3 thoughts on “Just another Music Monday: Volume 2

  1. I played that game before having actually tried Chrono Trigger (yeah, feel free to kill me now ). But I haven’t grown up playing SNES or any of the oldies (my actually first gaming system was the Playstation 1), so I had to kind of do everything in the reverse order.

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