Quick Post: Somehow I got into the World of Warcraft Legion Alpha

So I took screenshots, since according to the email there is no NDA or anything.  Its an Alpha so a few shots even had errors I was getting.  The starting area felt good, fit the Demon Hunters, although I got REAL TIRED of hearing them say “I have sacrificed everything, what have you sacrificed?!” over and over again.

Stupid emo Demon Hunters.

As a class, the Demon Hunter is kinda neat.  Felt strong, fun, and a bit more mobile.  Granted, all thats available for testing is a literal hour and a half of gameplay right now, so who knows.  Also, the tank spec is locked out so you can only test the DPS spec for them.

The end is when you are going to escape Mardun and hit BT.  So hopefully they open that up so I can continue with the testing.  I will take my screenies, and maybe even some video at some point.


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