WoW Legion Alpha Diary: Day 1

So this is what I am calling my Legion Alpha Diary.  Mostly just gonna be a link to an album of screenshots that I have taken, along with some thoughts.

The thoughts will be on the Frost DK and their Artifact today.

Holy crap, did they change Frost DKs.  For one, we got a new spell called Remoreless Winter.  Not to be confused with the talent of the same name (which still exists?)

This thing has a 20 second cooldown, 20 second duration, and costs 2 runes.  Runes have been simplified by the way.  You just have runes now, no more 3 types.  Its honestly easier to work with.

So what does Remoreless Winter do?  Why, it surrounds you in wind that does about 12k damage per second.  For 20 seconds.  It literally shreds your targets.

Beyond that the Frost DK feels pretty solid.  You still have Howling Blast, Obliterate, and Frost Strike as well.  The new talents are fun.  I got one that summons an ice spike that shoots along the ground in front of me hurting anything it hits.

I also found out that while the Storyline leading to the zones from your Class Hall is not fully implement…some zones are.  So I dove outta good ol Acherus and took a swim.  I also did the Unholy DK Artifact chain as well.

See the Screenshots below but be ready for SPOILERS!



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