So tonight was goddamn terrifying.

I get home around 6:30pm, after getting my wife some food. As I pull in I see a guy trying to get into the maintence shed. This worries me. So I hustle my way into my apartment. As I get outta my car and start to walk the dude starts going towards my building area. I pass him, head into my home, and lock the door and put the security bar on.

I have just enough time to set the food down when I hear the doorknob start to jiggle. I run over to the door and look through the peephole and the dude I passed is trying to get in. I yell through the door “I am calling 911!” and all he says is “Hey” before throwing his body against the door. I call 911.

He does this slamming over and over, alternating with trying to turn the knob, for about 4 minutes. He leaves, I hear some noise, and then he comes BACK and blocks the peephole briefly when I start to give the 911 folks his description. He then stays there and keeps trying to forice his way into my apartment right up until the Deputy arrives.

Turns out the dude was fucked up on some medication and claimed to think my apartment was his, because he lived in another building near me. He also had a warrant out for his arrest in Seminole county. I told the Deputy I wanted to press charges for now, until I can speak with the State Attorney about it cause this nearly gave me a heart attack, no joke.

The dude ALSO took my fucking screen off my bedroom window trying to get in that way, but thankfully that thing is locked tight.



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  1. Wow, hope you’re able to get past this. When I was in 8th grade, 2 guys broke into my house while I was in it. While I thwarted the whole thing by telling them to leave, it was something that I think about every so often to this day, and sets off some paranoid when walking around anywhere.

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  2. Waahahah scary. I always get really scared when ringing 911 about anything, because I’m scared that it’ll be over by the time they get there and then they’ll charge me for wasting their time U_U. If that was me, I would have waiting like 20 minutes, and then called and then probably, just my luck he would have left 3 minutes before the police got there and I would have to explain. *sobs* It’s happened before. Glad you’re safe though!

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