Ok so the Doors are gonna Reopen

But with some changes.

My wife convinced me to keep this site active.  But honestly, I dont want this to be a second job or to feel like that.  So, with that said, some changes are happening.

  1. Book reviews will come when they come.  No schedule.  I am gonna aim for 1 a month.  But hey, if more happen more happen.
  2. The focus of this blog is going to go more general.  I am changing the name as well.  Expect to see anything that tickles my fancy, with a general theme of nerdy. Games, thoughts about my general life, that sort of thing.
  3. I may or may not continue to accept books from Indie authors.  I have yet to decide.  If I do, its going to be much more stringent.

So there ya go.  Also I am going to go to my old WordPress site that I had for years, and move everything over to this one.  So there is going to be a huge burst of old content from my old site (I am talking like 3+ years old) because I want folks who want to go archive diving to have stuff to check out.

Thank my wife folks.  Clay is still here.

Oh and Michael Phillip Cash.  That dude has decided to just keep mailing me books.  He is the one who wrote Witches Protection Plan, my first review. At some point I got on his mailing list, and now he has sent me, for free, the following: Witches Protection Plan (I reviewed the EBook, now I have a physical), Monsterland, The Battle for Darracia Trilogy, The Hanging Tree, and his newest book that’s not even release yet called The History Major.

Seriously.  Guess he didn’t get my original memo.

Ah well.  More books are always good.


4 thoughts on “Ok so the Doors are gonna Reopen

  1. I’m not sure what happened to make you feel as if this was a second job. But as someone who reads your reviews, I’m glad you’re sticking around. I don’t think any of us who blog and read reviews care how often you post, so don’t ever think you have to post. I think it’s great that your wife convinced you to stick around. Write when you feel like writing. I hope you find the right balance so that you can continue enjoying blogging. :)

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