Trying to find a Portable Emulator / Android Tablet Solution

So I am in the market for what I like to think of a “Portable Tablet / Emulator” device. What do I mean by this you might be asking?

Well I want something that runs Android, and can run things like Web Browsers (Chrome), GMail, Amazon Kindle for EBooks, Google Play, Reddit apps, and things like that.

I also want to be able to play Emulator based stuff. Specifically, NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Genesis, PS1, PSP, GB, GBA, GBColor, GameGear, NeoGeo, and thats about it. Big thing is I want physical controls. I HATE Touchscreen controls.

The final thing I am after is portability. I would love to be able to take it around with me easily. Hell, if it could fit in my pocket all the better. The trick is finding one that is solid.

I am aware of the following ones:

– Archos Gamepad 1/2: I hear…nothing really good about this one. I suppose its only redeeming factor is that its cheap. Assuming I can find it.
JXD S7800B: Looks like it can play everything I want. Its a little big, so I dont think it can fit in my pocket.
GPD X.D: This thing looks like an DS, and supposedly can do everything I want. Its the most expensive of the bunch next to the Shield though.
GPD Q9: Similar to the JXD in sinze and function. But cheaper.
NVidia Shield: This thing does not look like it would fit in my pocket and honestly looks odd, but I am sure it can handle what I want. Expensive though.

These are the only ones I am aware of. I am sure there are more, but hell if I can find em. I stumbled upond the GPD ones by sheer accident honestly, and from there found the JXD and found the Archos just by looking up JXD reviews (thanks Ashens on Youtube lol)

Do you have one of these? Do you like it? How does your chosen option work? Any help would be appreciated while I ponder this.


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