I am trying out Teespring

I created myself a little campaign, nothing fancy, with a fairly basic shirt idea.  I wanted to see just what kind of stuff I could do with this site.

Here is the Shirt I created for those curious

Its very basic I know, but I am a fan of minimalist design when it comes to this sort of thing.

The title is “Gary Gygax is my Spirit Animal”, and for those of you who play tabletop roleplaying games, specifically D&D, you should know that this was the man who is considered to be the Father of D&D.

I got 2 versions up on the site, a mens and a ladies.  Both are $20 base, with a few different color options.  If I sell 3 shirts, then the shirts will get made, and personally I am aiming for 5 shirts.

If you guys like it, perhaps share it around and see if you got anyone who might be interested?

Thanks.  My wife and I plan to do some fancier shirts later on.  Like I said, this is primarily a test shirt for me.


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