I never knew I needed this in my life till now.

Rex Pyrenees wiped blood from his muzzle and adjusted his grip on his sword. He looked around for his attacker, but all he could see was the forest around him, surrounded by the ominous black bark of the trees. Pan Dachshund slipped from between two of the imposing trees, silent as a whisper, his arrow nocked and ready on his bow. He growled a challenge to the demon and immediately let go.

The demon screamed, and Rex barked triumphantly. “Begone, foul demon!” The mighty guardian swung at the blood that appeared in the air from the hunter’s arrow. The blade sliced open invisible flesh. The demon screamed again, and then didn’t make any noise at all.

Yosha Pug removed her paws from her eyes. “Is it gone?” she asked, her wrinkles quivering.

Rex towered over her, pushing the button on his sword’s hilt. The demon’s blood sizzled on his blade, turning into dark smoke. “You can open your eyes now, lady Yosha,” he said, looking at her to make sure she was unhurt.

Pan snorted as he slid the bow across his back before sitting on his haunches. “Sure, now that she’s done barking her Man-damned head off. If I hadn’t shot that thing….”

Rex turned a stern look at Pan. “Her barks warned us to the presence of the demon, did they not?”

Yosha sat awkwardly next to Rex. “Pan’s right, Rex. I put you all in danger.”

“No, my lady,” Rex rumbled. “It’s this forest, lousy with demons to plague us. It’s no wonder that the necromancer built his tower in the middle of such evil.”

“Oh, that’s not entirely true,” Yosha said, standing up excitedly. She spun in a circle until she found her rucksack, discarded in her eagerness to flee the demon. Opening it, she pulled out a thin book covered in old leather. “According to legend, the necromancer’s tower was here long before this area was even called the Dark Forest.” She quickly flipped through pages before finding what she was looking for.

“Some people say the demons were summoned by the cats of House Sphinx, but my uncle Murra heard that the demons only returned long after Man banished them.”

Pan stood up on all fours and started pacing around the group. “Look, it doesn’t matter when the tower was made or why. All that matters is what we need to get from it….”

“I know. The Vessel of Rejuvenation,” Yosha muttered. “One of the lost artifacts of Man.”


Its an RPG Tabletop game…where you play as Dogs who have been left behind after something happened to humans.  HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS?!


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