Jesus the Fine Bros Incident has gotten crazier!

So this is their own “reaction” to everyones reaction to the React World stuff.

EDIT: They took their own video, so Wood from GameQuest reuploaded it. Here it is!

Note the eye rolls. He really respects us! >.>

This is nuts. They went after Ellen of all people? It was a while ago, but still hilarious and nuts.

And this is all the shit they are trying to Trademark. They apparently managed to get “React” trademarked.

This poor youtuber (who is not very large) got his shit Copyright claimed. He got nailed…for reacting to their react videos…which is basically them just reacting to other folks content. WTF.

I will admit this link here (!/thefinebros) which shows the sub count of the Fine Bros in realtime is kinda hilarious.

And again, AlphaOmegaSin goes off on them. Just be aware he is rather…NSFW

If you do get targetted, you can view this and get some free Pro Bono help!


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