WWE 2k16 Comes out This Week

And I am excited!

I love wrestling.  I am well aware that the stories and the like are fact.  Most of the time they people are not even hitting each other.  Its a male soap opera (thats the best description I have ever heard).

But its fun.  Its storytelling.  The Pageantry.  All that jazz.

Sadly until last year the WWE 2k games were basically nonexistant on the PC.  Sure you could get em on a console, and in fact at one point I had a PS3 whose main job was basically to play 2k14, but its not the same for me.  I dunno why.  I just cant get into console games.

Last year, 2k15 came to the PC.  It was a solid port, but the game itself was missing TONs of stuff.  I managed to play about 30 hours but got seriously bored with it as the MyCareer mode was basically dark and tune up match after dark and tuneup match.

This year however is a VAST improvement.  I have watched people play through the Career mode and seen the cutscenes and rivalries and all that.  And I am excited.

Cant wait to get my hands on this game.  Nevermind the modding on the PC.


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